Dora aint got shit on Maraka

Your kids could learn like 15 languages from this little girl as well as some important life lessons.


I’m going to burn this shit to a dvd and let my cousins kids watch it. She’s probably going to kill me though.:lol::sweat:



hollyyy shit. i hope they make more episodes…too beastly.

“Don’t question it, do it!”

“Can you tell me why my father left me?”

WTF… :rofl:

The random questions killed me toward the end.

Is it possible for everyone to get together here and translate what she said in those other languages? With the exception of that swahili she was spitting and the end. cluck cluck cluck dogo!


OLD! But yeah, it’s still freakin’ hilarious. I wish I could translate it, but like towards the end, she breaks out into like three or four languages all at once hahahh

doesnt her couisin diago or however you spell it got his own show?