Dorm as an Anchor, What do you think?



I’ve been conflicted with finding a good anchor for my Logan/Stark/??? team. I’m trying to distance myself from sentinel, and i’ve tried hulk, it works, and it’s pretty decent, i think hulk’s a pretty good anchor. But i don’t really enjoy playing him, and his assists are meh…

The biggest reason i’m so conflicted about this team is i can’t find someone whose assist is as godly as akumas in terms of helping logan in his rushdown game… i can’t find an assist that is equally sick. I was thinking that maybe dorm’s darkhole would be decent? suggestions?

And i think dorm would be a sick anchor because in xfc he not only does disgusting damage, but insane amounts of chip through regular special attacks… he has flame ball, and he can teleport in on people.

Please help me develop why or why not i shouldn’t be using dorm in the third slot, or if you have a better suggestion, it’s most definitely welcome (with the exception of doom and tron, i know the assists are good, i dont like the characters though =)


I’d say it works pretty well, but what assist are you running Ironman on?


Why distance yourself from Sent?

As for Dormammu, the Faltine is a great anchor, and Dark Hole is decent with rush down characters.


Iron Man? Repulsor

Why not Sent? he has lower health now, so he’s not as much of a tank, can still kill in 1 combo though… i just don’t like that he’s even in the game, but i used him because he was so rediculous. I feel like with the recent nerf to his health, i have an excuse to not use him as the last character on my teams =-.


Dormammu shines as an anchor. Also has good chemistry with assist characters that have beams (ie ironman). While dorm’s hole assist is good, i don’t think its nearly as good as akuma’s. BUT, Dorm definitely has a lot of potential with that team makeup (whether it be DHC, or just being a pure anchor).

In my opinion, dorm is heavily meter dependent, so keep that in mind. If you are looking for someone who is primarily an assist character for wolverine though, you should look elsewhere.

And also, you may have had success with hulk as anchor, but he should not be an anchor.


Dorm is the best anchor in the game, in my opinion. That is offset with lackluster assists though.


I think Dormammu is a weak anchor, for a few reasons:

  1. Dormammu really needs assists to shine; you’re cutting off half his game if you can’t use assists to make teleport mix-ups.
  2. Great anchors have great assists to justify holding them off. Dark Hole is just not that good.
  3. Dormammu’s main X-Factor bonus is massive chip…which is completely negated by an opposing level 3 X-Factor.
  4. Dormammu is amazing at punishing assists; by holding him off to be your anchor, half the time you are ignoring an asset of his.

On the other hand, Iron Man fits the anchor role very well, and his assist is worth holding back for, especially with Dormammu. Make Iron Man your anchor, and put Dormammu second.


I agree with you until the point when you say that Iron Man fits the anchor role very well. In that team the “less worse” choice is putting Iron man as third, but he’s not a GOOD anchor.


Thanks Karst, i appreciate your post, i never really considered Wolvy/Dorm/Iron, but i’ll give it a shot, i’m assuming i should be using beam instead of repulsor blast?

Not that i disagree with you, duke, but why isn’t iron man a good anchor?

@Kensanity, why isn’t hulk a good anchor? is it because he’s best if used with assists? I thought he was one of the sickest characters with level 3 XFC.

Thanks for your replies.


Hulk’s bad because he is awful without assists. He has no way of getting in on someone without them, and his mixup game is terrible solo.


Because Iron man is an average characters that doesn’t excel in anything. Think about what makes him a good anchor and for every thing you can come up with there’s other characters which can do it better.

He has a good beam assist… but it has a long start up and doom’s one is better.
He has a good mobility… but his overall mixups chances aren’t that great .
He can be dangerous with level 3 XF (like almost any char in the game)… but he hasn’t great come back possibilities.
He can help a keep away team… but there’s a lot of char that can do it better (trish, doom, etc).

He’s not bad, but he’s neither great.


He’s not a great anchor, but he is a good one in my opinion. He’s not, say, Akuma or Sentinel, but he’s also not Hsien-ko. He’s somewhere in the middle. He’s a good anchor because he can combo into his level 3 from a Unibeam at full screen, and he doesn’t really need anything to make his presence felt, and his assist is worth holding him back for.

Definitely. While Repulsor Blast is nice, it doesn’t really do anything for Wolverine, and Unibeam is one of the best assists for Dormammu.

Yes, but assuming you have level 3 X-Factor, all it takes is an X-Factor canceled blockstun into Gamma Crush to end a match with Hulk. Like Sentinel, he ends matches off of any mistake, and he can counter almost every hyper in the game on reaction solo with 1 meter. He’s definitely not a top anchor, but I don’t think he’s bad, either.

This is precisely why he’s a good anchor - he can handle anything, alone. Trish is definitely inferior assist-wise with the team he wants, and I’m not certain Wolverine can utilize Plasma Beam as well. Plus, you’re forgetting that unlike Doom, Iron Man has the Proton Cannon for DHCing. For most keepaway teams, Doom’s DHC capabilites are awful out side of corners. Doom’s beam is definitely not the superior assist - they’re just different. Doom’s has certain virtues, such as coming out faster, but Iron Man’s doesn’t cause knockdown, so its more versatile when used with a large portion of the cast.


He can handle anything alone, but not very well.
I said Trish is best for a pure keep away team, not for his team :slight_smile:

For DHC he has Dorm, he doesn’t need another one at all costs. When he has Dorn on the ground he doesn’t really need a DHC for the reasons everybody here know.

Doom’s beam is Godlike with Wolverine, just godlike.

The fact that Doom’s beam comes out faster is more important then you seem to believe. Not only for mixups and for going in but also because you will call in the anchor for the whole match and a slow assist can be easily punishable. If your opponent catch Iron man just one time you’re done.
I forgot to mention earlier that Doom has also a slightly life advantage against Stark.

Overall I agree with you on the most part of your thesis, I just consider Iron man a little weaker then you seem to think.


I like all 3 of my characters to DHC, because it often makes the difference between a living and a dead opponent. Last night I figured out how to DHC between Taskmaster, Dormammu, and Shuma-Gorath in that order, and I am so very pleased now. It may not be necessary, but it’s worth considering. All of my teams have perfect DHC synergy.

I am just saying they both have their merits. With his team he can make the assist calls very safe through Mass Change and Berserker Slash. Personally, I use Mass Change more than any other move when I have a beamer on my team. Shuma-Gorath’s beam is possibly the slowest, but it’s still great for how I use it.



I definitely agree with this post.

1st or 2nd seems like a good spot for Dorm to me, unless you can utilize his Dark Hole somehow. I just don’t like that assist much though. He’s been running fine as point for me.


He’s the best anchor (or at least tied with Doom, Taskmaster, and Dante; Phoenix doesn’t count, LOL). Period.

Unbelievably versatile, great damage both with and without meter, godlike assists, and doesn’t need assists to function on point. And that’s, IMO, what makes a good anchor. not how viable a character is with XF3, since most of the time you shouldn’t have XF still by the time you hit your last character. If you have the opportunity to kill someone early by blowing X-Factor, do it.

EDIT: It seems Karsticles has said exactly what I’ve told people in the past. Using Dorm as your anchor is stupid since he doesn’t have great assists and needs assists himself if he’s going to actually do something. Also, using Dorm as your first char is stupid since he’s a whore for meter. If you play Dorm, you play him in 2nd or else you’re doing it wrong.


Shit Karsticles post makes sense.


After everything that has been written by me and Karst you come here and simply pretend to “period” the discussion. Well, you can’t.
If that’s your list of “best” anchor I’m sorry but I don’t think that you have a good understanding of what we’re talking about, with all due respect.

This is just wrong. Using XF early in the match make sense only if you catch an assist and doing so kill both char (or in rare other cases).
Your sentence: “If you have the opportunity to kill someone early by blowing X-Factor, do it” imo shows a low level of gameplay comprehension.

Maybe I just misunderstood the meaning of your post, if so please clarify yourself.


I don’t mean blow it in the sense that, “O hey, LOL, I can kill the other dude if I XF.” I mean do it if you meet the following conditions:

  1. You’ve landed a hit and you can kill the character, but ONLY if you activate X-Factor.
  2. If you hadn’t activated the X-Factor, you would not be in a good position to do a reset after you’ve finished your combo AND the opponent would not be close enough to death to simply kill through chip.

In a match between very skilled players, landing a hit is fairly hard to do. As such, you should make sure to capitalize on opportunities if possible. I mean, say you’re playing against Justin. You might land four hits the entire game since he’s amazing at blocking and he knows better than anyone else how to get out of ugly-ass situations. You NEED to kill his characters if you can. I mean, I’m sure you saw Final Round and how Combofiend would Bionic Arm XFC Bionic Arm to kill Amaterasu whenever he had the opportunity. THAT is a situation in which you’d blow XF early. Obviously, at any level of play lower than Wong/Combofiend play, that won’t be as much of an issue and so you’d be able to afford to save it until you’re down to your last character.

So, yeah, that’s what I meant, anyways.

Also, with regards to my stating that Doom, Taskmaster, Iron Man, and Dante are the best anchors, I belong to the school of thought that to be a good anchor you must be a versatile character who can function WITHOUT assists and have an extremely strong assist yourself. How strong you are in XF3 is irrelevant, in my eyes, since everyone can kill the other character easily when they’re in XF3 so long as they manage to land a hit. I believe that Doom, Taskmaster, Iron Man, and Dante are really the only characters who fit those qualifications. I played Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops back in ye olde days of MvC2 for that same reason. I didn’t like Psylocke or Captain Commando since being stuck with them as your last character essentially guaranteed that you would lose. Cyclops, on the other hand, could function very well without assists and so actually had comeback potential. So, I don’t believe Dorm makes a good anchor since he really needs assists to function at all and none of his assists are great. Dark Hole and Purification are nice, but, nice doesn’t cut it.

I apologize for just bumping into the middle of that argument without clarifying myself.


Even if its a single character, I will not hesitate to XFC to kill sentinel, phoenix (if necessary), Deadpool, or anyone else Dorm might have trouble with or snapback to their best assist then ball o flame XFC ball o flame, purification, purification purification purification to chip them out and kill them before they hit the ground. That’s just my opinion. Hope i’m not too low level of a player :slight_smile: