Dorm Changes In UMVC3

Thought I should create this thread to list and discuss any changes that are applied to Dorm. This way we don’t clutter up Karst’s thread with invalid information.

Official Capcom Change Log

• Can now only chain up to three normal moves on the ground.
• Increased the pushback on both of his Light Attacks.
• Dark Matter (Forward + H) is now special cancelable.
• Flame Carpet disappears when Dormammu is hit.
• Ground throws will always do a hard knockdown now.
• Dark Spell and Liberation can now be collected/charged in the air.
• Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) is guaranteed to activate (active from 1st frame).
• Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) causes untechable knockdown.
• Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) rocks come out slower.
• Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) rock damage has been increased.
• Liberation (2 blue, 1 red) is guaranteed to activate (active from 1st frame).
• Dormammu’s mashable Hyper is the Chaotic Flame.

Community Change Notes


Why is some of your text white and some of it black? Great thread idea.

Anyway, @ 59:23 in that first video, it’s really hard to say. Is Flame Carpet landing farther out than normal? Maybe. You normally can’t Flame Carpet someone after finishing an air combo, but he also finished after a TAC, and didn’t do a full bnb - he could just be coming in at a funny angle. When you OTG with Flame Carpet normally, all of its hits are expended. Here, it looks more like the opponent was hit by the edge of the carpet, recovered, and rolled back. We definitely need more videos of this.

@1:01:53, that could be a good thing, or it could be bad. For those of us who utilize a non-OTG assist, Flame Carpet only hitting once and then dropping could be very frustrating. And indeed, that looks to be what is happening here. This could also be what happens in the first video. Maybe Flame Carpet just doesn’t hit multiple times on OTG anymore?

Edit: I wish we could get someone over there to test stuff. I want to see if his Liberations have been buffed.

Sorry, the forum is really messed up, it won’t let me edit my posts in advanced mode so I can’t see the code I wrote for the links. Since im using the dark skin, selecting white font makes it white on the light skin :shake:. It’s fixed now for the moment but the code is messing up my sentence lol. I’ll fix when the forum is back to normal.

Yes it is hitting further than normal, I realised after I watched it again. The way to hit FC after an air combo is to dash up after you’ve landed and even then, all of the hits usually connect unless you’re combing Sentinel mid-screen. You can replicate the spacing on what was done in that first link by doing level 3 and then throwing down carpet after.

I see some potential in that corner situation in that we may be able to set up an unblockable with Dorm on his own. Knockdown > Carpet > opponent recovers with carpet still active > air S? It may still hit multiple times on OTG, we’ll just have to see it being done in a standard combo. I think on some of the faster assists used to perform relaunches (like Dante) it won’t matter much, but some people might have their OTG combos downgraded due to this change.

Liberations are what I’m most excited to see as well. Spikes OTG returns? Improved 0D:3C? Hell yes!

Edit: The way to remedy that corner situation may be to walk backwards slightly after an air combo.

Edit 2: Ok, I saw a Dorm on the stream and he most definitely puts FC out a tiny bit further. He did a combo mid-screen and FC looked exactly the same as it does if you dash up after an air combo so I’m calling mis-information on FC pushing people away too far on OTG. In the corner however, FC only hits once but is still active. It caused the played to mess up his relaunch combo twice with Skrull Orbital Grudge assist.

I saw FC used on Hsien Ko in the corner and it worked normally, so maybe it’s character specific?

Yeah, it could just have a funky hitbox. Someone tried Flame Carpet OTG + Orbital Grudge for the relaunch, and Orbital Grudge whiffed.

On the bright side, Chaotic Flame OTGs now. That might not seem important, but it opens up new DHCs. Even if Purification no longer OTGs, it shouldn’t matter, because you can still use it before Chaotic Flame and get extra damage, assuming Chaotic Flame lifts the opponent off the ground. Dormammu seems to to have issues with his magic series now, though.

Also, I have been hearing reports that his Purification and Dark Hole are faster and safer now, but I didn’t catch those fights. It would certainly be a welcome buff. It’s rather hilarious that a character we all became interested in initially due to his ability for ridiculous screen control ends up hardly using that screen control because it’s so unsafe.

Yeah I started to notice that the Dorm players were doing MHS in the air instead of MMHS. Timing readjustment is probably all that is needed, but we’ll see.

Chaotic Flame OTG is a welcome addition for me since I won’t have to worry about cancelling purification quick enough to connect Chaotic Flame on some of my longer combos. First buff so far lol.

Oh yeah, I’m still rocking Tower Style Dorm so if that’s true that’s gonna be a big bonus for my current set up.

Wait, if Chaotic Flame OTGs, does that mean the animation will be different or that the flame is BIGGER to make it look like it catches the character on the ground?

I’ll be at Comic-Con on Saturday, so I’ll be sure to report back here!

Hey, at least people will PLAY Dorm on the stream!!! There wasn’t one single M.F. that picked Spidey on that WHOLE damn stream! /rant

I’m looking forward to the changes they’re making for Dorm though!

If I gave you a list of things to test, would you test them for me? :smiley:


  • Flame Carpet got nerfed back to hell. OTG usually only hits once and knocks them away, and the Carpet disappears when Dormammu gets hit.

This is a pretty significant nerf.


Thanks, added.

Why are they nerfing this guy? :shake:

Someone pinch me, but I am somewhat sure that I just saw Dormammu cancel a ground dash into an attack. It was so clear when I saw it, but I’m so scared of getting my hopes up…

I think Dorm just did a hand charge in the air on unity stream…whoaaaa. Someone confirm this please!

Big Dormammu changes:
He can charge Dark Spells in the air, and c.M has massively reduced hitstun.
Dark Dimension no longer seems to pass under a “bouncing” opponent.

Things that need testing: whether he can Purification in the air, use Dark Hole more than once in the air, and use Liberation in the air, and attack/crouch-cancel his ground dashes.

Oh, and I saw someone use Chaotic Flame without Purification OTG, and it whiffed - perhaps we were mistaken about this change?

Oh that is sick! Don’t understand cr.M change though, it’s hard enough to hitconfirm as it is.

Stupid question but was it done full screen? The tail end is very small as you know. I’m gonna have to check the archives when they’re up.

Yeah, I’d say it had roughly as much hitstun as s.H now. I just want ONE person to check whether c.L chains into c.H.

No, Dormammu was roughly mid-screen from the opponent when he did it, and the opponent was Taskmaster. That was my first thought too, because it happened at full screen once. The player could have just been too slow with getting Chaotic Flame out though, so I’m not entirely set on us being wrong. It’s definitely weird that Purification would still OTG though, and for this change to exist - why bother?

Liberation in the air causes Dorm to teleport to the ground and then do Liberation. He actually teleports to the ground, not into the air like usual.

His backdash now goes back about twice as far as before.

Chaotic flame does not OTG, at least not from the distance that you would normally do it, which is after an air combo.

Most of the other things I noticed have already been mentioned. Overall, he feels about the same to me. Still able to hit-confirm c.M into S relatively easily despite the hitstun reduction. The flame carpet nerfs suck, though :frowning:

Wentinel, are you going back tomorrow?!

Interesting about Liberation in the air - does it take a long time, like as long as a Mass Change to Liberation would take, or is it pretty much an instant teleport? It might be an interesting thing to just keep him without charges and Liberation a lot for extra mobility options.

Heck, I’m going to give you a big “check list”, and anything you can find out if you go back (or anyone else goes) is much appreciated:

  1. Does c.L chain into c.H now?
  2. Can Dormammu cancel his ground dashes into a crouch or attack?
  3. Is he still prone after aerial Dark Hole?
  4. Can he use Purification in the air?
  5. What is his aerial trajectory like when using Dark Spells? i.e. does he keep moving, or does he stop in the air? Can you charge 3 Dark Spells during a jump?

I would imagine that you’d would be more frustrated with the Gustaff Fire nerf than the Flame Carpet one - I imagine you’ll change up your team come Ultimate?

I’m not going back tomorrow, unfortunately. Wish I had checked this thread before going today, as I would have liked to test all those things you mentioned.

I’m not 100% sure, but I wanna say that air Dark Hole still leaves Dormammu vulnerable until he lands as it does right now. Charge a dark spell behaves the same way. He stops in the air, and then he is vulnerable until he lands. You can only do one. And yeah, air Liberation takes as long as a Mass Change into Liberation would take. Something I would have liked to test is whether you can do air Liberation and then cancel out of the teleport recovery into a super since Dormammu is seemingly on the ground.

One more thing I remembered, in UMvC3, Dormammu can attack out of a down-back airdash. I assume the same is for up-back.

I’m definitely more frustrated with the Gustaff Fire nerf. I’m not really sure why anyone would pick Tron anymore in UMvC3. In addition to that nerf, her air H causes the opponent to fly further away than before, making it harder to combo off of, and I think her XF relaunch loop doesn’t work anymore. Bad times for Tron players.