Dorm Skrull Syn

i know that i can otg with flame carpet > stone smite. Considering i dont have a system, it’s hard for me to training mode, so most of what i learn is seeing kool stuff from tournament footage and trying to do it myself in matches. I finally have the timing of it down to where i can get the stone smite to hit after flame carpet but how do i make it connect after the wall bounce? i’m sure i’ve seen wentinel do this combo, but i cant find the footage of him doing it… does anyone know or remember how to follow up after the wall bounce?

edit: combo’s obviously not a problem in the corner =)

No one?

I’ve never used that assist with Dorm, but with Iron Fist’s wallbouncing assist midscreen I have to call the assist while laying the carpet, and then I can either do a really strictly timed H teleport to convert off it or do two quick/strict tri-dashes to cover fullscreen into st.M, st.S. I’d imagine it’d be somewhat similar with Skrull, or perhaps easier depending on how far from the wall his assist bounces them :\

It sounds like it would be just as easy to do the Dark Matter combo, lol.

Well compared to DM combos, it does more than the DM with one jump loop and less than the DM with a second jump loop, but I find getting the jump loops to work 100% really hard, and I also have trouble hit confirming into it in the first place unless their character is literally just sitting on the ground due to the differing heights I usually get hits at.

Gotcha, the Dark Matter combo is hard to confirm into like you’re saying. I usually just end up doing magic series stuff if it’s a janky confirm since I don’t have a great assist for extending with Dorm.

DM wavedash combo is the best for confirming and damage if u can get the 2nd rep to hit. Also its the only dark matter combo which u can confirm off anything , even if the opponent is in the air for the initial hit.

Thank you Spartan, i’ll give it a shot!

The rest of you, i don’t want to do a DM combo… but i appreciate the suggestion

After having a minute to try it in training mode, Stone Smite bounces them off the wall far enough that you only need to lay the carpet, let the assist hit and then do one SJ up forward then air dash down forward and then hit them with st.M, st.S or whatever you want.

Thanks for the lab results Spartan, i’ll give it a shot next time i get some matches in, i’ll PM with the field test results.