Dormammu Hidden Quotes?

I’ve been checking gallery for Dormammu’s quotes, and found out that he has 2 sounds (75 and 88) that are never used in game. Can this be a beggining and ending quote he says to a future DLC character? We will have to wait and find out.
75 - "I have waited a Millenia for a chance to destroy you."
88 - “And they call you the Lord of Chaos? Hah…I claim that tittle for myself now.”

P.S. Also found a hidden quote for Ghost Rider “I have this contract with Mephisto i want you to look at”.

IIRC Pretty sure 88 is for Shuma Gorath.

Johnny says that to P.Wright and she hulk.

These sound similar to the Gorath quotes, however Dorm says this vs Shuma
"Ancient One, what is thy will?"
“Back to the Chaos Dimension with you!”

so although they sound similar (cant think of anyone who also is a lord of chaos) they are not for Shuma

Hmmm, maybe try fighting Shuma in his alt costume, Quaggorth. Only other character I can think of.

Yeah, it’s true. Those quotes Dormammu says to Shuma. And maybe this new quote is for Shuma’s alt costume. Thanks for clearing this out.