Dormammu launcher cancel tips?

I was trying to practice dorm’s launcher cancel into 2 red 1 blue liberation, and i could only get it a few times, and it was very inconsistent. Are there any tips that I can get to pull this off consistently? I looked around Google and Shoryuken for this topic but found nothing.

You don’t need to start a whole new thread for this. Keep practicing, and do is with 0D0C to save time.

Isn’t this just TK’ing the motion for Liberation? Practice Spencer since most of his combos require many TK motions, it’ll help you get it right.

launch , and then go from down , all the way to up in a half circle motion and press liberation

I did what Seraphin and fenrir suggested and it works now, I was doing quarter circle back instead of half circle back. I guess the reason why it needs to be tiger kneed is because you don’t have enough time to liberation cancel on the ground, so you have to do it in the air. My execution is fine, I just really didn’t know that it needed to be tiger kneed lol.

It’s not that you don’t have enough time to cancel it, it’s because the launcher can’t be canceled except by jumping. Hence, the need to TK.