Dormammu: Lord Of Chaos videos

I thinks it’s about time we create a video thread for our “Flamous” Sorceror.

I capped his Mission Trials:

Trag’s Combo:

IMO, every bar counts for him. I wouldn’t do any level 3’s unless it will win me the match.


Definitely check out these matches. WICKED Dormammu, here.

YouTube - Zero000’s Channel

The Magneto and Sentinel were amazing, the Dormammu was just there for specials lol. I have a feeling he’ll be a mainstay in many people’s teams as “that guy you switch to when you need a ridiculous lvl 1 beam special”

nice combo by NeoRussle. It either has some interesting timing or doesnt work on all the cast. You might have to use A once you land from the first jump (after the wall bounce) instead of B.

Here’s another combo:

I’ll be uploading a few more in a day or so.


Did that darkhole OTG or just add some damage when the lvl 3 grabbed him?

Neither, I think. Pretty sure it just whiffed.

The Dark hole does not OTG, the only Dormammu’s special which does it is Purification.

It’s just my timing guide to activate level three. If you don’t do a move before Lvl3, there’s a chance it might whiff.


Ooooo, well here’s a lil tip for ya! Lvl 3 OTG’s when they are on the floor. So you can wait for them to land and stop bouncing then do the Lvl3. It works every time. This game has a ridiculously large window for OTGs, so just let them finish bouncing and your free to do any low hit otg.

They really need to add in some kind of ground tech similar to Smash bros, b/c OTG’s are really strong for some characters and there’s nothing the other person can do besides sit there and watch their character die.

yep, it’s called combo.

It’s funny that’s one of the things I hate about tekken, but somehow I love it in MVC3. Combos forever.

Even when I’m being hit, I’m constantly like “is that it? is he gonna continue? what’s coming nexxt? …ahhhh!!” lol

Been playing around with his Liberation now. Trying to get something creative with it.
Here’s what I have so far:

I’ll try to find something cooler if anything.


Combos usually stop once the person hits the ground unless a special move is used to knock them back up. But in this game you have a very long window to OTG someone and they have no type of tech or defense from it. It turns it into just memorizing combos and not playing the other player. Once you launch them you are guaranteed and air combo, knock down, otg into another combo/hyper/xfactor…

Yeah its fun to do, but it’s so easy and powerful that makes getting hit once mean death for most. Things may change as the game gets older, but right now a lot of people get undeserved wins to chance or just spamming armored moves from sentinel until one hits.

I love the freedom of the combo system, but after a knock down you have time to call an assist, teleport, dash, jump again, etc. before you begin attacking again. Combos are consecutive hits and it just doesn’t seem right to allow a combo to continue once the other person has already been knocked out of it for so long.

Nice to know we can combo out of the dark hole if you’re close enough and they are airborne.

Not true: a level 3 destructor liberation also hits OTG, and from anywhere on the screen. Level 2 creator liberation hits OTG as well.

I like to use this to combo whatever into j.m j.m j.h j.s -> land -> liberation (3 destro) -> dark hole (range varies) xx Chaotic Flame

You should throw that into a video, Russell.

As an aside: the fact that Dormammu gets Liberation as an assist makes him disgustingly versatile on the right team. I’d really like to see some creative stuff done by charging Dormammu up, then using his assists to extend combos for point characters. There are so many different versions of the move to choose from…

If I remember correctly level 2 creator doesn’t spike doesn’t OTG.

You do play the other player until a launcher or combo set-up happens. If you feel like being able to OTG is to powerful go play another fighter.

~Roy Rushdown

No it does not. Check the main thread for a list.

Level 3 Hyper also OTGs. And it OTGs from ANY range making it unbelievably powerful.
imagine the following easy string. st.:s:. sj.:m:, sj.:m:, sj.:h:, sj.:s: :dp:+:atk::atk:(OTG), 3D0C :qcb:+:h:(OTG), :qcf:+:h: :qcf:+:atk::atk:

of course you can tack on x factor, another dark sphere and another chaotic flame, but that is 5 bars and inconceivable that you would need to do that much damage. point is 3D0C liberation and level 3 hyper offer a huge amount of depth to dormammu’s game.

Anyone find any high level play of Dorm yet? I want to see if better players are trying to use him as pure zoning or rushing with teleports and air dashes.

I never said OTG’s are too powerful. I said the window is very large. It allows anyone to do 75%+ damage per combo without needing any kind of strict timing or real practice, you just press assist or do a special move. And it’s not like its that hard to mash c.M into launcher with Sentinel. Don’t try to argue with my opinion. It’s just my opinion, if YOU don’t like it, then YOU can leave too. How about you try to stay on topic instead of just trying to argue for no damn reason?