Dormammu Power Up Setup video

Hello. I have made a video showcasing how to power up using the Stalking Flare and character specific air DHC’s.


I wanted it to be plain and simple and to go over some of the things you may encounter while attempting some of the things in the video. Hope you enjoy!

Im open to suggestions for any future things i may do as well.

Good setups bro. You have any power up setups with Dorm that individuals Trish and Doom?

With Trish i believe you can just go from air Max Voltage to Stalking Flare and with Doom air Finger Lasers hyper should work. I’ll put a vid for you soon if i get the chance

Awesome power up set-ups. It looks like I can use these for either of Doom’s hypers (sphere flame/photon array). BTW sick Viper.

Great video!