Dormammu TAC Infinite



So far I’ve only been able to do three reps, and that was only once.


i cant link the j,l whith j,h in the relaunch any tips


Then you’re missing the important part/requirement of the infinite, ie. hitting the falling j.H on the exact frame when you land.


thanks alot


Ok…I find that I can land the first loop of the infinite just fine because my fly combo is high enough for me to adjust my falling H by delaying it so it hits on the right frame. The problem I am having is after the first loop, my fly leaves me so close to the ground that I either have to spam H after the second dark hole or it wont hit…and it almost never hits on the right frame. So are there any tips for landing the falling H when you are pretty close to the ground?


Has anyone tried using the marlin pie tech with the dormammu infinite? I guess u can add Unfly with the final jh before the jump l? Anyone try this?


I’ve actually found this to be quite an easy infinite.
You just have to delay the H a little before you hit the ground. Leave it as late as possible.
Simple. :smiley:


Its not simple bro stop your bullshit


Something I’ve been doing to make this slightly less impossible. I’ve been doing just one loop, getting into the infinite and then during the air sequence end with a j.S. I have assists to extend off a flame carpet, and my point usually doesn’t use them on either of my Dormammu teams, or rather if I used that assist’s slot I’ll just do a regular TAC combo. Considering it’s only one thing needing to be timed, and the entry into the infinite is slightly more consistent than the jumploops, it feels decent. Also, it’s fun seeing if I can charge red twice before going into Dark Dimension. That I don’t have consistent yet, but afterwards, red charge, BOOM, looks so swaggy and’ll probably do absolutely amazing damage off another character’s throw.

I’ve been doing this occasionally in matches with corner TACs, sometimes it even works :D! can’t do midscreens well yet. But I’m cheating because Taskmaster and Nemesis corner carry a lot.




thanks to you I think we are only missing good side and up starters midscreen and we are good to go.

my contribution to the infinite:


Hey guys, I know this is the Dormammu forums but this new TAC infinite really means a lot for Firebrand. A few of us Firebrand players (Apologyman, HAz Angelic, and myself) have been brainstorming on how we can use it and I decided to write up this post to explain what it means for Firebrand. Idk if you guys can find anything useful in particular for Dormammu, but any Firebrand/Dormammu players should definitely look here.


Seems like all of the side/up tacs in your video alejandrosh still rely on starting with the manually timed H? Any discovery on ways to get close to the ground while preserving your dash for the easy connect?

Also a small note for the down corner tac, I find it better to float down back rather than down forward, then you need no adjustments for left/right.
And for people who are having trouble landing the dash down H like I was for a little bit, don’t press the H directly after the dash, delay for a short time so that you and the enemy are slightly closer to the ground when you cancel the dash.


New guide by Angelic.


I sat down earlier today and have been practicing Angelic’s new starter, and I have to say that this new one is 100% match practical. Side TAC is the only one I can’t get consistent, but up and down are really easy once you get the hang of it. And the midscreen starters are very similar to the corner ones, so you don’t have to learn that many variations to learn them all.

I will say that, execution wise, it is very tight. I’m a pad player, so two face buttons are one time can be hard to do consistently. I have my right stick button set as L+M+H+S and my right trigger as L+M. If I could just do j.H xx QCB+HS, it would be easier, but I’m do this weird thing of j.H~(Hold L+M), QCB+LMHS, but only HS register since I am still holding down LM. Anyway, the main problem I’m having is that sometimes, even when I think I executed it right, I get a regular unfly even though the input display says HS at the same time.

The input nullification glitch is weird for him, which is why I THINK that you need to do a perfect (down, down forward, forward, H+S) to be able to get it. If you have any extra inputs or directions, he seems to just unfly instead.

Found the problem. Just make sure you return the stick to neutral before doing your QCB+HS.


I press H after HS and it seems to work fine. Up TAC is the hardest one in my experience just because getting the exact spacing consistently can be difficult. Side and Down are fine although It’s tricky when you TAC in that space where you’re close to the corner but you partner comes out from the corner side and it throws the spacing off.


So is the initial setup consistent with the nullification? I couldn’t seem to get it to be any more consistent than the way I used to enter into the reps.


It’s not exactly the unfly thing that is the problem even though my execution sucks. The main problem is getting the correct height every time when you have to position yourself before you unfly.


Yeah, that’s where I’ve always had the issue, and wasn’t sure if Angelic had figured that out.

I do the same thing then pretty much, TAC > fly, dash to ground and do j.H xx Dark Hole, fly up a little, j.H xx Dark Hole, falling j.H on the first frame.

Seems like it’s the same either way you do it.


Its really not that hard to get the spacing on holding up/upforward for like a tiny bit as opposed to randomly guessing a falling H. Trust me this infinite is 100% consistent and works on everybody. Just went to mexico and played with the infinite a ton and had no issues landing it on everybody, but its execution heavy so I ended up missing the input glitch a few times. The input glitch seems like the hard part for me not the spacing haha but thats because its weird to hit S + H since I don’t use my thumb to play.