Dormammu theme is shit



Worst theme in the game, along with Doom’s, Chun’s and Morrigan’s. That’s all there is to it.


Most themes in this game are shit.




Whats with all the hate on the soundtrack? I think its ok. Would you rather MVC2’s coffee house/jazz cafe tunes?


mvc2’s soundtrack was dabes!


Most themes in the game are excellent.


Yes. Okay music is preferable to bad music.


it was jazz (which I like) But I will say it didn’t fit. MVC3’s music is just bad. with the exception of a few.


I turned the music off so I don’t have to listen to the menu music.


What’s wrong with Dorm’s theme?

y u no like badass?


It’s a shite theme that’s all there’s to it. I like the game’s soundtrack, themes like Nova, Vergil, X-23, Deadpool, Jill, Firebrand, Hawkeye and Phoenix are all top tier, top notch material. Dorm and Doom’s are just plain, ugly, generic shite.


People get salty over flame head. They probably hated him in the Spider Man TV show. :stuck_out_tongue:








I forgot MvC2 had jazz music cus I played it on DC so we had like five copies with different custom sound tracks :slight_smile:


Dormmamu’s Theme ass?

Such fuckery I am reading right now.

You know who has an ass theme? Spencer, and I main this guy. Shit is like I’m being put to sleep with a fucking lullaby.

edit: why is there a thread for this?


We all did, MvC2’s soundtrack was terrible beyond imagination. SO shite.


Yeah, Dorm has a shite theme, and i thought the community had knew this for over a year now. Keep up.


Dormammu’s theme is great, sounds like some final boss music.

The only bad themes are Cap(part of the reason I stopped playing him), Deadpool, Shuma, and X-23.

The best are Dorm, Dante, Wesker, Vergil, Task, Mags, and Nova.





Music is only shit if it comes out of the mouths of the likes of Bieber.