Dorm's Movement

hey guys im haveing a little trouble menuvoring dorm around like ik tri dash heavys and s is one of my main in’s but i dont really know any other good manuvoring tools other then distupor teleport i guess what im saying is i need help with dorms nutural movment

For starters, you can learn how to bunny hop with Dorm. Basically, jump up and airdash down-back/down-forward to get back to the ground right away. You can also jump (or super jump), air-dash up, and activate flight. Once you’re in flight, you can air wavedash around (basically air-dash up-forward and then air-dash down-forward repeatedly). Mix in teleports from time-to-time when you’re air-dashing or in flight.

Oh so that’s how you wave dash, thanks for the info. Also, yeah Dorm’s movement is highly aerial based mostly tridashes and teleports.

When I tri-dash on the ground I always do Tridash L’s to cover me as im going in or when im backing up. Helps against people trying to maul dorm down.

Honestly, I’m trying to stop tridashing away low to the ground. It always seems to get me killed. If I have enough space, I backdash, which is a really good move. If I don’t, I superjump and either fly, teleport, or air dash back down with an attack. Against certain characters I’ll superjump and air dash back down into j.M to create a kind of mobile screen - very effective against a character like X-23.

Thats why you gotta tridash with L, lol. I always used to get bopped by wolverine trying to dash back but when you tridash L, it will trade with just about everything or stop someone like wolverine dead in his tracks.

I’m talking about EM Disruptor and such, or Wolverine dashing after me (he’s much faster than backwards trijumps) and air throwing me.

does tri dash back with l stop big chars with ground bounce attacks (i.e. Sentinel, nemesis, etc)??

What do you mean “stopping big characters with ground bounce attacks”? If it’s beating the ground bounce attack with the j.L, then you mean priority and I don’t think Dorm’s j.L has that much priority to stop Sentinel’s j.S or Nemesis’.

Those moves have armour im pretty sure so doing that would not be smart… I dont even understand how someone coming at you with the frying pan would be a problem. Just block it lol, if you’re having a problem with that stop advancing guarding it cause when you do you give sentinel the advantage and he can dash in and frying pan ya again.

Really? Sentinel’s and Nemesis’ j.S had armor? I thought they just had high enough priority that any other attack wouldn’t hit them.

They don’t have armor. Sentinel’s frying pan (j.S) and Nemesis’ rocket swing and starfish (j.M and j.H) just have really big hitboxes, I’m actually pretty sure you can’t see Nem’s j.M full hitbox, I’ve seen it hit well past the rocket.

Nemesis j.S (the groundbounce) is decent, but it’s slow and has way less range than his j.M, you don’t really see people using it instead of his other good air normals.


Just kidding. On a side note, yeah that’s what I always thought. Insane hitbox on that frying pan.

The only movement you need…is anything that stops the oppenent from moving ie Flame carpet cold star or doom missiles.