Doronjo: Partner Synergy

I think this needed a solely dedicated topic, as there isn’t enough Doronjo partner talk in the Doronjo UAS Thread or Team Synergy thread in the general section of the forum. In hopes to spark up some discussion around this topic, i made this thread, if its out of place and deemed a waste of space (looks around doronjo forum…grasshoppers sound off) then please close it!

I want to use Doronjo, and really only want to consider one of these partners, choose what you think is the best and why?

I’d like to consider these guys and which would fit better:

Tekkaman Blade (love this guy ~)
Joe the Condor (love him too :frowning: )

Some of you confirmed that Polimar is a great partner (i think he is for most) and Yatterman-2 due to on-screen chaos potential. I’ve heard great things about Casshan as well, since his assist causes the opponent to be airborne.

So are you looking for us to reply on which is better of tekkaman and joe or discussion for any partner with doronjo? Kinda confused on that.

Well yes my individual question is which of those two characters fit best w/ Doronjo (if they even do, probably not, but nonwithstanding if they do or dont, which is a better fit)

and the general question is which are optimally her best choices.

Cool beans! Well if it were me, I would choose Tekkaman because he has an all around better assist for anyone. Things that I know off the top of my head are that you can grab the opponent with tekka’s assist after they are hit by a tree special and follow up with combo city. There’s probably a ton more you can do with them as well so that would be my suggestion.

Will edit post later for tricks with my doronjo/polimar team.

From my own experience, characters who are meant to be used in an in-your-face playstyle have worked very well with Doronjo. This is why I main Doronjo/Alex, but Joe also works well although he can arguably be used as a keep-away character too. Polimar is a great choice as well.

One of my favorite tricks to do with my Doronjo/Alex team: start Doronjo’s 214+AA (the reversal special). If the opponent doesn’t hit me, nine times out of ten they will just stand there looking at me. Perfect opportunity to do Alex’s hyperbomb, or even his 421+AB if the opponent doesn’t seem to have good reaction time.

Also with Doronjo’s 236+AA (the giant ball super), chances are the opponent will block it as it rolls. So if you do a variable combo and the opponent gets away, just wait for them to block the ball and powerbomb them.

Tekkaman Blades assist isn’t too bad for Doronjo. I’ve actually got her rock/tree loops to work with it surprisingly. The DHCs aren’t very good…

Crash Interlude/In The Beginning sucks… I dunno about the other ones. Now, as far as Doronjo’s assist with Tekkaman Blade on point, I’m not sure about that one. I’ve successfully Falchion’d, gotten hit, and been saved by that fluffy pink heart (free combo!) but outside of that…bleh…

Ok, so Doronjo and Polimar:

Basic Combo with Doronjo:

5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 22, 2C, Assist, 5A, 5B, 3C, j.AABB, dj.BC

V. Air Raid:

5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C, j.AABB, dj.B, 236P, j.AABB, dj.BB, grab super reset

Tonzura reset and grab super reset (WHAT?! DOUBLE RESET?!):

5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 22, 2C, Assist, 421X, 5A, 5B, 5C, 3C, j.AABB, dj.B, 236P, j.AABB, dj.BB, Grab super reset

Tonzura grab into super (in corner):

5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 421A/C, BBQ, 5A, 5A, (grab connects), 236 + 2 Attacks, P, 5A, 5B, 5C, j.C xx j.214A/C

Some notes on the combos:

Well combo one is pretty self explanatory. Just do Doronjo’s ground BnB, use polimar’s assist near the end of her break dance kicks, then combo out of the assist.

Combo two is meant to help doronjo’s lack of combos. Instead of just finishing with j.c you can switch with polimar and finish with his grab super reset for a good amount of extra damage.

Combo three is kinda tricky. It’s the same basic concept as the first but instead of following up polimar’s assist with more combo, you summon a tonzura grab right where they’re going to land. After that you follow up with some regular comboing and if you delay the combo enough you can get an air switch in since the grab resets the combo and finish with polimar’s air grab reset. This is best used sparingly, after the opponent thinks they’ve got your rhythm down and are expecting you to follow up the assist with combo number one.

Combo four is just cool beans all around. It’s the tonzura grab combo I mentioned in the doronjo guide with a doronjo/polimar v. combo. Because doronjo’s super is short and polimar’s is long you can get in a few hits on polimar’s first pass and then the j.c is to put the opponent on the ground to get hit by his second pass. When they’re on the other side of the screen near the end of the second pass you can also throw a rock on them for one last bit of damage. Doing a full on combo after the first pass may be better than waiting for the second pass as far as damage, options, or pressuring is concerned (I haven’t fully tested everything in this combo yet). Another good thing about this is that if you do manage to mess up the combo and the opponent escapes they have a car, a giant head, and you to worry about blocking so do some cross ups and get creative; whatever it takes to get those hits.

Final Thoughts:

There’s a lot more you can do. This is just the basic goods. You can mix and match these combos, throw in some tonzura grab, BBQ, tree combos, or do whatever else your heart desires. This is just to open up the world of possibilities.

If I could revive the thread, I’ve found that if you can somehow push your opponent into a corner, Chun-li becomes a deadly assist since you can juggle into her Ball super, her ultra or throw a rock while moving into an air combo.

What I usually end up doing if you’re at least halfway to a corner.

A B 2B C 623A/C BBQ A B C 2C (In corner) A B C P ~ (14 Billion Dmg)

At this point, your options can branch.

you can 236AA and move into an air combo and end it with 421A/C (Which will juggle them against the super if they misjudge the airblock and reset the damage) (If Tonzura Drop Hits, then they’ll smack the ball super for 13 Billion more Dmg)

You can 623AA at the very moment chun hits to land the ultra (27 Billion Dmg for entire Combo)

or you can 214C to juggle along with Chun, then move into whatever combo you wish (Doing a basic Air combo gave me 20 Bil Dmg).

Or you can crossovercounter into Kikou-Shou (Which still maintains juggle status) and continue keeping your opponent airborne until The ball special drops. (Before Ball super: 20 Billion Dmg. Ball super itself hit into 14 Billion Dmg)

Outside of a corner, you have to use 22 2C to take advantage of Chun then BBQ into anything.

The badside is that it seems that you have to rely on your opponent letting their guard down to hit any of doronjo’s special (outside of her ultra). But the damage from chun more than makes up for it.

Of course I’m more of a VJoe person myself (The bombs combined with assists can fill an entire screen and crossover into Six Cannon really messes with people’s mind), but just wanted to throw that out there to help move the discussion along.

EDIT: All baroque Combos were done with 10% Baroque

I think that Chun/Megaman are the best assist for Doronjo hands down. She doesn’t have a problem with comboing people, she just needs help in keeping her safe during her block strings and keeping opponents off of her as her specials are rather unsafe on startup, even with BBQ. Her lack of a reliable anti-air makes me gravitate towards these two. 5A only beats out certain jump ins.

As far as combos go, you can pretty much use Chun, Megaman, Poli, Alex, Soki, and to a lesser extent, Yatter2 and Saki, interchangeably. The only thing that differs is the point at which you hit P, so I like to group them all into the same bucket for combos.

Also, her taunt IS an assist character. Remember that…

I do a found combo like this but I end it differently. After doing a team super, I walk forward: A,A j.C, land on the same side so I am pushed with the body and wait towards the end of the super, 214 A, 2B(for an high low mixup), to whatever. I haven’t done it in a match yet… so I don’t know if my opponent can roll left or right after polimar’s super is finished.



Nice vid.

BTW, you can add her taunt after the first tree explosion to allow an extra tree and rock in the combo.

edit: I posted a vid to show you what I mean about using the taunt. [media=youtube]Yc5ssmqldBQ[/media]

I’ve been messing with Casshan last night. If you could end any string with 22 2C then call him out, regardless of timing it’ll always hit because of OTG status. I’m sure this is common knowledge, but with specific timing you could move into an air combo

I’ve been considering Doronjo as a partner for Morrigan. Does Morrigan get anything interesting from having Doronjo as a partner?

Doronjo assist helps Morrigan a lot when she has you cornered as forcing your opponent to back roll is rather trivial with her. Doronjo’s assist is slow enough to easily keep your opponent from jumping after you force b-roll them allowing you to get high/low mix up opportunities.

Bonus Ketsubatto

Although I’m fairly certain everyone has heard of this player, but the only vids I can find of him/her are from [media=youtube]8LwsVcDZrKQ"[/media]

Watching Bonus and PRO made me give Morrigan a serious look, and so far she’s fun to play. Doronjo can easily make great use of a projectile assist.

I can’t nail down a main Doronjo team, so I’ve been playing just about everyone:

Ryu: It’s Ryu. Do I really need to explain?

Casshern: 50/50 knees all day, anywhere on screen, for no BBQ. With BBQ I’m taking 30bil every hit, for no meter. Needless to say this guy is near the top of the list. I haven’t played anyone good with Doronjo on point/Casshern assist yet, so I dunno.

Morrigan: See Ryu, but with much better mixups and less useful Supers. Good variable counter gets Doronjo out of trouble.

Zero: Great AAA for Doronjo. You can still use his buster loops with Doronjos assist, but no midscreen side switches (That I know of). Some nice gimmicky DHCs too.

Tekkaman: Damage. Assist can be used to extend Doronjos loops.

T. Blade: We know what he’s capable of. His assist can also extend loops, but it’s iffy. Assist sucks as an AAA.

Chun: Kurasa. Enough said.

Volnutt: I have no experience using this guy, but I’ve seen SBO Doronjo players make great use of him. That AAA is good for her too.

Enough rambling. Who is everyone else using, and why? Does anyone else use Casshern?

The changes to Casshern’s assist make him a lot more appealing to me. I still think you need some sort of AA to correctly play doro though. She loses too much if you can’t protect her from aerial attacks. Oddly enough, Cash is really good at that due to the arc of his assist.

I didn’t get to play TvC competitively (SFIV dropped at the same time, so no one wanted to play) how did they change Cassherns assist from CGoH?

His assist is good if they are trying to get in, but if your already getting rushed he can get knocked out of his assist too easily. He may just get combo’d right along with you if they get a hit. Keep em mid screen and it’s hell on earth for em. His assist cuts off the lower half of the screen, and 214+/A/B/C easily takes care of the rest.

Her standing jab seems to get me a lot more anti air combos than with other characters. It even beats out Zeros jab if you time it right.

Cash’s assist hits higher now and has at least 5x the horizontal range. It lets you plant trees without getting nuked.

You are right about her jab. It has a lot of priority, but be careful with it. There are some moves (Jun’s j.B) that it just doesn’t beat, or beats only during startup or recovery frames.