Doronjo: UAS Thread




Seeing as how differences were made from CGoH and UAS, I think it will be useful to create a thread dedicated specifically to Doronjo in TvC: Ultimate All Stars in order to get rid of all the CGoH clutter. This thread will be regularly updated as new combos, tricks, glitches, tactics, etc. are discovered so any and all findings will be appreciated. The plan for this thread is to go from the ground up. Even basic BnB combos will be tested and discussed before adding them to the OP.


Doronjo is a unique character in the sense that all of her specials and HC’s require the help of her two henchmen, but she still doesn’t get a lot of lovin’. While she may not be the strongest character in terms of damage or combos, she has the ability to attack from range very effectively and set up for some guaranteed hits. If you are looking for someone who you can just rush in and combo your opponent to death with, then turn away now; Doronjo is not for you. The villain-esse thrives on out thinking her opponents and trapping them into making a mistake. She is also capable of putting out a lot of pressure if used in the right hands. On that note, lets get into the good stuff.

MOVESET: (credit goes to Master Chibi as this section has been copied from his Doronjo thread)


5A - Doronjo extends her hand upwards, somewhat of a playful slap.

5B - Doronjo smacks your head with the bottom of her PEACE PIPE.

5C - Moving forward a little, she goes straight for a kick in the balls / chest.

2A - A quick karate chop to the shins.

2B - Laying on the floor somewhat, she extends her foot out a bit, good length.

2C - Tilting her head back, she does a full vertical split. Yummy (This does not knock down).

3C - Her launcher. It hits twice, you cancel from the first hit.

j.A - Picking her feet up, she comes downward with both knees. Can be used to cross up, but a bit tricky.

j.B - A full fledged jump kick, think Dictator’s j.FK in CvS2. Can also be used to cross up, but much easier to do so then with j.A.

j.C - Pulling her legs up a bit, Doronjo executes my favorite ANYTHING in the game, she comes down ass first. This move is sexy good. Her wonderfully round bottom has a hitbox that will lead to great ambiguous cross ups. First off, simply doing j.C moves you forward a bit, so it provides excellent momentum to use for making your opponent guess which side you’ll land on. Secondly, you can dash into the corner (when your opponent already occupies it) with this even as player 1. If you AD, jump, then AD again and j.C you’ll land in front of them instead (where as if you just iAD and j.C you will land in the corner). I looooove this normal~


Her specials can be interrupted, so be wary!

236A/B/C - Her green suited henchman comes out right in front of her from a portal on the floor, salutes quickly, and does a little jig going forward while pummeling his fists. Kinda like Jojo’s stand in JBA. The hitbox on this is deceptive, it can actually be used as an anti-air somewhat, try it out. Good to use in the corner in conjunction with her j.C.

214A/B/C - Her purple suited henchman pops up from the floor in front of her and quickly tosses a boulder. Pretty damn quick, and can be used well for spacing / zoning from far away along with your partner assist. Not entirely sure if you have to block for 214A/B yet.

623A/B/C - The green suit comes out again, this time with a controller in his hand. Pushing a button on it, a tree pops up from another portal, and a robotic pig scitters up it and quickly explodes. Good sized hitbox on the explosion. Don’t think you can combo after the explosion. Take note, this special correlates to the buttons you press, not the strength of the attack. So if you’re P1, but on the right side of the screen (facing left) and do 623A, the tree will pop up all the way on the far left end of the screen. Remember that!

22 - Doronjo lays on the ground ALL SEXY LIKE, her head resting on her palm. From here she can do one of many things.

– 5C - This is her 3C, it will launch your opponent.
– 2C - Eddy Gordo-esque multi-hitting move. This knocks the opponent far away from you (and down as well). You can combo her regular 2C into this if done quickly enough (which is about the only combo option 2C gets really).
– Any special (outside of her air special of course). Having henchmen is a good thing.
– Taunt. KISSOU

I’m sure this move will have its purposes later on down the road (lord knows what she may able to just lie down under) but for now it’s best to stay away from it.

421A/B/C - Purple henchman pops up from the floor and grabs your opponent. Think of summoning Jill’s LK zombies but in certain spots on the screen. If you don’t combo from the hold they will simply fall to the floor where they are. This move has the same button spacial properties of 623X.

J.214A/B/C - Calling her purple suited henchman again, he plummets from the sky, with a large rock in tow (think mini gamma crush, haha). You can combo from this move. Please note that this move also has the same spacial properties as 623X.


236 + 2 Attacks - Calling out the green henchman, he comes out pushes a button, then disappears. After a slight delay a GIANT (I’m talking nearly the entire width of the screen) robotic spherical head (that looks like the purple henchman) falls down, rolls over you, then off screen. This thing is huge, and it rolls IN FRONT of both of you, so try going bonkers for mixups when that happens. The drawback is that with the delay it takes to fall down, your opponent can simply hit the green henchman and cancel the super out all together. You CAN cancel into this from other specials, but it must be done very quickly. Also this hits your opponent on the way in and out (ie as soon it makes contact with them, and then bites them in the ass before exiting the screen).

214 + 2 Attacks - A universal counter (I hope?), this thing stays out foreverrrrrrrr and does pretty damn good damage to boot. It doesn’t counter projectiles, and I’m not sure if it counters supers yet either, but it’s just the tool you can abuse to make people who incessantly IAD j.C over and over think twice. Great for when your opponent’s next character is coming in after their other character is dead.

623 + 2 Attacks - Her level 3 super. Doronjo kneels down and prays to that damn robotic pig, who comes out and explodes. If it hits, you’re treated to a small cut scene of Dornojo and her boys pedaling on that trademark 3 man bike of theirs while trying to avoid the explosions around them. The super ends with a skull shaped mushroom cloud sending them flying.


Taunt - Doronjo blows a little kiss that comes out in the shape of a fluffy pink heart. If it hits, the heart causes a tiny bit of stagger, so if you can get it to hit, combo asap! You can taunt while standing (crouching and taunting will yield you the standing taunt), jumping, and from her 22X special. Saucy.



5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 22, 2C

Damage - 11 Billion
Info - This combo is a 100% ground combo and seems to be the highest damaging one without an air combo. If for whatever reason you want to do a decent amount of damage without taking to the skies, this is your best bet.
Notes - 22 refers to her super comfy move and then the 2C are her break dance kicks out of that position.

5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C (2 Hits), 9, j.AABB, jc.BC

Damage - 13 Billion
Info - Highest damage Doronjo combo without BBQ, assist, or HC as of now. Pretty basic; it’s just your standard ground > launcher > air combo without any specials.
Notes - It is harder to land the air combo if you do both hits off of the launcher but it will get you more damage in the end. The key is that you jump as soon as you see the second hit on the 3C connect and jump cancel as soon as you’re done with the AABB. The 9 is there to let everyone know that you HAVE to do a forward jump for the air combo to connect.

BBQ Combos:

Tonzura grab combo (corner):

5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 421 A/C, BBQ, 5A, 5A (Grab should connect here)

Damage - Coming Soon
Info - This combo is a really good choice if you manage to corner your opponent (because that’s the only spot it works) and have a sliver of red bar (maybe from some chip damage or light hit) because this isn’t a BBQ combo that focuses on damage, but rather on setup. If done right there should be no way your opponent can escape it, even while guarding (with the exception of advance guarding). After a successful tonzura grab combo a good choice is to do a 236 + 2 attacks DHC and then combo with Doronjo during or after your partners HC for maximum damage. If you don’t have the bars though, a BnB will do.
Notes - This combo isn’t one of those things where you just input everything as fast as possible. There is a rhythm needed in order to get it to work. If not done right then tonzura may not come out before you BBQ, or you’ll find your assist coming out when you try to BBQ. Wait till you see Doronjo point after the tonzura grab input, then BBQ. You have more time than you think because the grab counts as an action so you are actually BBQ’ing the 421 A/C, not the 5C before it.

Tree Combo:

5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 623 A/C, BBQ, 5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, (Bomb explodes), follow up with whatever your heart desires…

Damage - Coming Soon (also depends on your follow up)
Info - Not entirely sure if this works midscreen but for sure works in the corner. This combo is more for if you have a good chunk of red bar that you want to unleash on your opponent since there is comboing/follow ups after your BBQ the tree. Will update when more testing is done. Also, this is the setup for the tree/rock loop.
Notes - Pretty much the same as the tonzura grab combo. Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm.


BBQ that rock!!!

Imagine this: The match isn’t going in your favor; your opponent just killed one of your characters and all you’re left with is Doronjo. The dice are stacked against you, but you’re ready to mount a comeback. You kill one of they’re character; victory is obtainable but still a long shot. You start losing it, taking shots left and right. You have no bar because you’ve had to megacrash to stay in the game. You’re down to a sliver of health and the opponent is eager to get the W. WHAT DO YOU DO?! You BBQ that rock for mega damage!

This trick will save your life and get you clutch wins, no joke. When you’re opponent starts getting predictable, you start getting fancy. Another thing you could use this trick for is an option after megacrashing. If you’re in the air you can actually combo a j.214X from a megacrash and since you already get red bar from megacrashing you can just tack that on to your boulder. If you want to get REALLY stylish, take the above situation but let them start a combo and think they’re about to get the win and then pull the rug out from under them with a megacrash, j.214X, BBQ. Game, set, and match.

BBQ those summons:

If you don’t know about this, learn it. If you do know it, use it. You can actually summon a henchmen, BBQ it, then summon the other one and have both attacking at pretty much the same time. Doronjo can put a lot of pressure/set ups on the opponent with this trick. My personal favorite is the tonzura grab, BBQ, tree, but feel free to experiment and figure out what you like and what works best for your style.


I give you many thanks =)

Deciding to main her , so this is a a huge push in the right direction! ty again!

wheres the Doronjo love? :[


I decided to pick up Doronjo, as well. I love her. :3

I especially like how she plays so differently to all the other characters in the game, yet doesn’t require insane techskill but brains.


No problem. I have the same question though. I’ve at least taken a gander at almost every character’s boards and doronjo is probably getting the least amount of attention. WTF people?

I’ve also thought about creating a Doronjo thread for partner discussion (I have a lot of tricks with her and assists) but I don’t want to completely overrun the doronjo boards. Any ideas on what to do anyone?


I think noone will object to you opening one or two more threads and sparking discussion. ^^


Does her taunt have a legitimate use? It seems like it could be useful for keeping on pressure.


Her taunt (which is also her assist) grounds the opponent so it has worked well with my Alex/Doronjo team.

I haven’t really found any use for it in combos and stuff though, at least yet.


Her taunt does decent damage, causes stagger, and can be used in the air to delay her decent. Dropping rocks on peoples heads twice per jump is possible if you use her taunt.

She uses her taunt as an assist, but it’s short range limits it to being used for crossups/resets in my experience. Some can use it to extend there ground combos with good timing (Polimar)

She can still do her bomb, rock, combo loop, but I can only get two reps out of it without an assist.

I dunno if she still has her grab, tree, taunt loop. I read somewhere that she can still do it in the corner.


Sounds awesome. Care to elaborate? A video or button inputs would be cool.

Edit: As in the loops you’re talking about. The taunt tricks are pretty self explanatory.


Hmm… the reason I can’t get it working ad nauseum is because it’s more of a combo, and not a loop. It just loops a few times before you have to drop it. If anyone knows for sure you can maintain it, feel free to chime in. I’m no expert.

I got styled on at the last tourney I went to, so I figured out the commands for it in Training Mode later on. Here is a video of what it looks like I CGoH

It needs an assist to help bridge the gap, that’s why I can’t get past two reps. That last part of the vid is a double jump combo, but because they changed the hit box on her j B, that no longer works.


So what is everyone using for Doronjo’s BnB combo? Doronjo is kinda weak by herself so we’re going to have to make up some flashy stuff for decent damage.

I’m doing some extensive testing tonight to figure stuff out but I’m just curious what everyone else is coming up with.


I haven’t got to play this much lately but whenever I can I’ll share some info, I’m currently using Casshan/Casshern with Doronjo…


I like to do 5A 2A 5B 2B 5C 3C j.AABBC

I also like to use ** 5A 2A 5B 2B 5C 2C 22 (Super Comfy) 2C**
If the 5C hits well enough the following 2C will pop the opponent above Doronjo when she goes into Super Comfy so most if not all the hits of her spinning kick will connect.


Thats about the same as mine. She doesn’t have a lot of combo potential it seems. Even though I am still trying to figure out Tree Loops. The timing is hard and I haven’t found a good way to do it yet though :frowning:


Yeah, I use that combo with my assists and its pretty stylin’ if I do say so myself. If I remember right it only does about 11 billion though. I found one that does about 13 billion:

5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C (2 hits), 9, j.AABB, jc. BC

It is harder to land the air combo if you do both hits off of the launcher but it will get you more damage in the end. The key is that you jump as soon as you see the second hit on the 3C connect and jump cancel as soon as you’re done with the AABB. I put the 9 in there to let everyone know that you HAVE to do a forward jump if you want to air combo to connect.

I was messing around with tree loops last night and I was able to get a couple reps in. I’ll post the button input and specifics about the combo when I experiment some more with it. Something that I found helps for the timing for the tree, rock, tree part of it is to do 214B as soon as you see the pig start to light up on the tree and then pull out the second tree as soon as the first one goes away.

On a separate note I was also testing out the tonzura grab combos. For those who are unaware of it, here’s the button commands:

5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, Tonzura Grab, BBQ, 5A, 5A, (Tonzura should grab right about here), then do whatever you want as they helplessly hang there.

This works extremely well in the corner (even on blocking opponents :wgrin: ), but it doesn’t work mid-stage which really sucks. There was a different variation that might work midstage which included 2C then tonzura grab but I’m still working out some flaws in it. I’ll post it when I figure out more.


I’ll try out that Tonzura combo tonight. I’ve been trying to create combos using her partners but it’s a pretty tough task unless you BBQ a ton.

I really want to find a combo into the Rock Abandon but I don’t think it’s even possible.


I assume you’re talking about her j.214 A/B/C (I don’t know the names of all her moves, sorry). The only thing I know about it combo-wise is that you can hit people with it after the tree which is good from range but if you’re close when they get hit by the tree then it’s better to catch them with a ground combo into whatever as far as damage is concerned. I know it can also add some extra damage when you do a variable combo with someone who has a multi-hit HC like Ryu or Frank or something like that. You just do Doronjo’s 236 + 2 attacks, P and when they’re trapped in the shinku hadouken or whatever you can rain boulders on them from above for a couple extra billion.

Also for anyone who cares, I’ve been trying out the rock tree loop and I’m starting to think it’s not possible to do the same way it was done in CGoH. On the plus side though, I did get a combo with her, BBQ, and an assist up to 36 billion last night and have some ideas on how to get it higher. 100% combo’s for Doronjo anyone? I’ll be getting materials to record videos soon hopefully so I’ll have it up as soon as I can.


Sounds good. I’ve only managed to do around 34 billion, and that’s with Doronjo/Polimar+opponent cornered+10% BBQ

As far as ideas to get it higher, I’m all ears.

An air combo to Giant Boulder (236+PP) crossup reset is feasible, but not guaranteed. What would really be nice is going from her rock/tree loop to her grab/tree/taunt one. I can’t get the timing for that one right yet though, so I’m at a loss.


I figured out the rock/tree loop finally and I got 34 billion. It’s weird because I just did it last night with Polimar, cornered opponent, and 10% BBQ too. But yeah, I just thought of something that could be potentially awesome. I think I can combo from a couple reps of rock tree into her lvl3 HC. I’ll test it out and update if I get it.


Good stuff here. I just got the game this Thursday and I’m using her with a Doronjo/Jun the Swan team. I might try Polimar, after seeing how everyone gets good combo damage with that team.