Doryaa! Kaz match up thread



MU thread for Kaz.


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okay… i’m having real difficulty against decent Jin players. swaying willow kills my pressure game, and his anti air flying kick kills my jump ins. If I anticipate his swaying willow I can block; but it seems like there’s too much block stun for me to actually punish him. I can also try for a wgf which beats his willow, but he can just cr. jab me out of that if I guess wrong… and this game rewards people that mash cr./standing jabs by allowing them to chain into a launcher for half life, so that option has far too much risk for too little payoff. on top of that, once he gets in I cannot get him off… ridiculous jumping roundhouse that crosses up and has absurd range, plus jab pressure that alI I can do is block.

Please help if you can because I want to like this game but this match up, plus the ridiculous ‘mash jab string into combo launcher’ type gameplay I see online is proving to be far too frustrating.


Kazuya can’t punish swaying willow since it’s -3 on block and Kazuya has nothing faster then 4 frames. You can however neutral jump and punish him if he’s doing it during your block strings for a full combo. If he’s mashing jabs, you can just do raw launcher for a big combo to teach them not to mash jabs during your block strings or on wake up or frame trap him with or ewgf. Jin’s jumping hk is pretty nuts so you have to make sure your anti airs are on point. If he does a non meaty cross up, you can do mist step to duck the jumping hk and go back to the neutral game.


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@ozleon; thanks for that. i’ll try to incorporate raw launcher more into my game, its something I definitely need to do.

But neutral jump to bait out swaying willow doesn’t really work; its piss easy to choose whether or not to go with swaying willow or leaping side kick from mental alertness, which is piss easy to mash out anyway. so if i go with neutral jump, I get leaping side kicked into a combo.

ewgfs are hard to pull off imo; they’re just frame moves, and I’m not proficient enough to perform them with any real consistency. even if I could, they can be crushed by low attacks. Swaying willow is as simple as pressing a couple of buttons, and it completely kills my offensive game; worse, I can’t punish it if I block it.
Its one thing to see scrubs mash it out online; but seeing pro’s like Wolfkrone do so as well just kills my faith in this game completely. Surely I can’t be alone here? Is there nothing Kazuya can do against this ridiculous move? Is Kazuya free for Jin?


I forgot to add that throws beat it too.


Jin’s pretty free to meaty knockdown pressure. Once you score a sweep or Spinning Demon, I’d say go for ambiguous crossups into combo if the jump-in hits, or tick throws/frame traps if not. Neutral jumping will blow up Swaying Willow unless he reads your neutral jump.

PS - Jin’s blockstrings are godlike. You may need to Alpha Counter. Reversal EX Devastators are pretty risky, since he can bait those and punish. With the Alpha Counter you’re pretty much guaranteed a hit.