"Doryah!" - 10,000 EWGF Challenge Thread

Trying to learn to do Electric Wind God Fist with efficiency and consistency? Well, take the EWGF challenge! 10,000 later and you’ll be churning them out like butter!

Or close to, anyway.

Anyway, LouisBH suggested we have a thread for people going for this challenge since he started it (I was the first) so I figured why not?

I did them at a rate of 1,000 EWGFs a day (which goes much quickly after the first thousand or so when you figure out a practical way of doing them.) but feel free to shoot to beat my record!

And remember to have fun, my fledgling thundergods! :smiley:

This thread is crazy…but it might just work! I’ve been mashing out EWGFS in endless of late, lol.

I don’t think anyone actually believes me when I say I learned to do them by doing 10,000 of them, lol. Took like 2-3 hours to do 1,000 the first day or so, got faster from there. >_> I swear, if skill = execution I’d become a god at this game just based on how bullheaded I am. Too bad the stuff I lack is stuff you can’t practice in training mode.

In training mode I determined that having them block them makes the challenge go a lot faster, though. I started out doing it on one side, then jumping over them and doing it on the other over and over again. Eventually I got tired of that and did 10 on one side, 10 on the other.

After a couple of days when I was up to like 5,000 I started trying to do combos with it. Funny, it wasn’t until I actually finished the challenge that I started working on my BnBs and combos – even funnier is that despite doing mostly raw EWGFs throughout the entire challenge I strongly prefer canceling it from normals. II can do them raw but something about canceling into them is even more intimidating to me, lol.

What kind of animal are you? I can barely muster a few EWGFS and there you are behaving like this! I’d say turn up to your locals and try to compete, as that’s the only way you can really improve. And at least you won’t have to deal with that autoscrubblock crap! If I ever manage to hit the down forward and punch button at the same time consistently, I WILL complete this challenge.

That’s why I’ve been doing, but its the cool thing to do to hate this game right now so finding competent competition is a bit harder than you’d think.

Meanwhile, I was terrible at doing the EWGF’s until I hit around 3,000+, that was sort of the point of the challenge. You can only be terrible at something so long before you start to get better, so sitting and doing them over and over and over and over and trying to again every time you mess up is pretty much the point of the 10,000 EWGF challenge.

I wanted to play Kazuya and the fact that everyone and their mother was playing him bugged the hell out of me – then when Mr. Naps said that anyone not using EWGF was a fraud, I decided I’d distinguish myself from the Fraudzuyas by actually learning to use the move. Hence, 10,000 EWGFs.

Now I can pretty much do them at will and they are part of my BnB combos.

I’m nothing special, I’m just someone who doesn’t settle. Arguably, you’d think that would lead to me doing 5 EWGF combos, but I consider those impractical – I’m not an execution guy, I’m just a bruiser.

ooft 1000 a day dayum i was working 250 feeling nice lol, im going to start again from today and find a way to time myself and see how efficient we can get this any thoughts on best way to do this?
Maybe even find a way to measure how many we can get in a row consecutively and get a leaderboard going!

I feel you, and I’m totally aware of the hate that this game gets, and it annoys me to be honest.

On that note, I’m gonna grind it out with Kaz now. I’ve decided to further distinguish my Kazuya with a purple costume, but I’m only going to use it when I get the EWGF down.

I wanted to use Kaz as I’ve always used the poster boys, lol. Hence my team of Ryu and Kazuya. And he was the first character I used in Tekken 4, as he looked so badass.

Can you share any tips for hitting the EWGF? I’ve tried to plink but my problem still remains, I can’t hit medium or hard with the down forward.

And if you’ve got some videos of yourself playing I’d like to see them!

Turn your inputs on and see what your natural tendency for it is.

In Street Fighter (and most other 2D fighters), we’re conditioned to want to input attack buttons after the motion, the hard part about EWGF is you have to finish the motion at the same time as when you hit the attack button. Typically you’ll end up with this in the input log:


This means you hit it :mp: (or :hp:) too late. You’ll want to do it again, this time forcing yourself to hit :mp: early. It will feel INCREDIBLY awkward at first and for the first few hundred times you’ll have to put a lot of thought and physical effort into doing it. I do my EWGF’s really hard because I like to hear the snap of hitting :df: and :mp: at the same time. Doing them fast is a good way to get it down, but you have to remember that the faster you do it, the more haphazardly they come out and, typically, without practice it takes you longer to physically recover because of the effort you invest into the input – which results in making it hard to actually do your combo until you’ve practiced it.

Another thing, its easier to confirm you’ve done it right if you set the dummy to block all. EWGF deals 25 chip damage and causes huge push back on block. Regular one deals 17 and barely pushes back at all.

Im using a hitbox for last few months so im not too sure how valid my advice is but start really slowly and break it down in your mind when your thinking about ewgf its easy to forget what it really is, you will probably find yourself pausing to think wtf am i doing wrong in that case,

Its simply mist step and pressing punch as early as possible if you have tekken 6 definitely try it there first as soon as you feel any confidence jump back into sfxt for some reason it feels easier there than sfxt lol, we are a new gen believe it or not our general skill level is better than the older players who take years to master this.

simply do the normal rising uppercut and slowly try and speed it up find a method you feel comfortable with to perform F>N>D>DF i would think on stick pushing to forward then releasing to neutral then pulling down to downforward or straight to df im sure within an hour you will be able to grab it consistantly make sure you are really relaxed when doing it also, makes it difficult when you want to incorporate it further into your game without stressing yourself

Basically i know all ive said is pretty typical knowledge but for that reason its easy to forget all u want to make sure is you are pressing DF and PUNCH at the same time.

Expecting your results of you beasting! gl

I set the cpu to block too i started going crazy waiting for my opp to get up or when id do demonfist its grown to make me hate the pushblock lol makes me wonder whats the real benefit of it if its justl +1 and pushes you so far off has its uses though.

Also in my opinion kazuya without ewgf isnt really worth playing i feel the boost it gives his game is what is keeping him competitive because honestly you could just play hugo or something instead.

Also dont worry guys or rush it will come to you as you practice gotta build the muscle memory thats all (easier said than done) i remember last month i was sitting in t mode screaming wtf why cant i do this once you are confident in what you are doing this is pretty piss easy!

That’s the exact input that I get consistently. It’s funny, doing it slowly I’m able to get it down a little bit…I just have to train my mind to hit the MP earlier. Also, thanks for the tip about damage on block.

Thanks for your advice, dude. I’m just gonna slow it down and treat it like learning how to FADC into Ultra. And thanks for the tip about releasing to neutral, I have a tendency to hold onto the stick even though I shouldn’t.

the main reason i switched from stick to hitbox was movement issues i learnt street fighter incorrectly slightly damaged me, Holding on to the stick increases your travel time so you are manually doing all the work
experiment yourself to see how bad it is try to go from BACK NEUTRAL FORWARD without letting go off the stick compared to flicking the stick BACK letting go to neutral and Tapping it FORWARD results will probably show you how bad it can get for your consistency couple that with high pressure situations and your success rate will be really shit
But yeah doesnt even really matter how slow you do it once you are happy with mist steps motion all you gotta do is teach yourself the timing shouldnt take long even though its the hardest at the beginning, everytime you land one try and copy exactly how you did it and within no time you will be able to emulate it and get results

You are entirely right! It really is quite difficult to go from BACK NEUTRAL FORWARD whilst holding the stick. I’m gonna grind out these mist steps in training and then see how I perform.

I made a breakthrough getting C.mk > EWGF the other day, a lot of time to cancel compared to Standing fierce and every other normal I feel, It just feels weird to me. I actually put in some work with Heihachi In Tekken, it feels easier there, I dunno what it is man…Its like my mind just goes blank doing it from normals :expressionless:

Can do it raw in both games, normals tho ARGHGAHG! Its cool, Ima bang it out in training! From day one doing the EWGF in sfxt is what kept me interested in this game, plus i’m definitely trying to be a Mishima main when TTT2 drops, so I’m psyched to get this shit down consistently. I dont plink it either mostly cos my technique isnt 100% and because I don’t wanna get into the habit for Tekken.

I don’t really do these kind of challenges but I have (just like every other serious Kaz player) done lots of training mode Doryas. I used a reward scheme whereby I’ll set a goal and stop after I accomplish it. For example last night, I set one of my goals as corner cr. hp xx EWGF, EWGF, cr. hp xx EWGF, cr. hp xx EWGF, EWGF 3 times straight with no drops on either side (took me a few tries on P1 side as usual). Then there’s also goofy stuff like st. jab xx EWGF, st. mp xx EWGF, cr. mk xx EWGF (again must be done 3 times straight without drops).

I’m interested in seeing how many people will finish this and what improvement results from it.

-1 is punishable in some situations, and its always punishable against Julia with 2 bars. In non-optimal situations, Kazuya wants space. He has no get-off me moves except for EX Slaughter/Devastator/Demon Fist, but those aren’t reliable enough to hing your defense on. EWGF pushes them away from you and allows you to block 2 frames before they can actually attack. You can’t pressure them, but you’re not in a position to get pressured.

Understanding it requires a concept of frame advantage works fundamentally – I didn’t really get it until recently. What I mean is, Rising Uppercut leaves you at -1 which effectively turns Ryu’s standing jab into a 2 frame attack which means your only post blocked Rising Uppercut option is to either block or use an armored move to follow up. Mind you, that move has to have armor/invincibility on start up, because nothing you can do will be fast enough to reach active frames before Ryu can do something. At +1, Ryu’s jab becomes 4 frames, which means you can trade jabs with him – but with the space it gives you, there’s time to do something else because he’s not in jab range – maybe cr.Short, but you have a lot more options with the space and the extra frame on their recovery.

Well, I finished it and it took me from not even being able to Mist Step to being able to do EWGF at will like its a Hadoken.

yeah i came to understand that frame advantage concept the hard way with yun’s ex dash punch that thing ruined my shit that was a real ewgf lol i think basically what i came to realise is the ewgf is a good tool but not as herp derp as the moves in the same vein as these are especially compared to the tekken counter part.
I think best way to look at it is a tool that gives you a decent/marginal edge which over the long term will make a very nice difference for people maining him.
Using ewgf really makes u see how crappy the normal wgf is though.

@chaoslimits its pretty much the same as your goal just our goal is massive and have potentially better gains that will push kazuya’s game in other ways other than combos

Anyone noticing the frame rate stuttering a little bit during ewgf sequences on the busier stages?

Xbox360 version.

I notice that the game hates EWGF online… makes it very hard to continue combos because the timing changes completely. I did notice that there’s a weird stutter sometimes though.

I hate when I do my EWGF combo, but the thing is… the EWGF doesn’t come out, just a empty wavedash, or my character jumps up.