"Doryah!" - 10,000 EWGF Challenge Thread



It really is tough to land these combos in matches (I bust them out in training mode all the time)
… Lately, I do ‘whatever’ > EWGF, EWGF, st. :mp: xx EWGF, then drop the st. :hp: - sometimes the :hp: doesn’t even come out. So frustrating.


I still do this challenge all the time lol! Ill jump into training mode and spend about 15 minutes until I hit 5 EWGF ( s.mp, EWGF, EWGF, s.mp, EWGF, s.hp, EWGF, EWGF ) 5 times in a row without dropping it. My success rate is about 70% of landing 5…

The biggest problem I have with EWGF is that I can’t for the life of me link any and I repeat link any crouching pokes into a EWGF no matter how many times I try.

Also when I tend to fail my EWGF Kaz just throws out a s.mp or a s.hp :frowning: sometimes I just rush them out haha.

Xbl: CrEeD1992


Props to all you guys. I don’t play with Kazuya but yesterday I wanted to try how EWGF is performed… In about 45 minutes I got it out twice! xD
Nice to know that there are technics like this… but that’s definately too much effort for me :slight_smile:


Add me on XBL if you have it? And we can do some doryaaaas together :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe, yeah, I have XBL. But I won’t train it. I play Cody and Law and I am very happy with it ^^ I opened my heart to the battle

. Not much time for labsessions xD


Add me for a few games then :stuck_out_tongue: get me off minecraft haha


Thanks, guys this seems like a good challenge to help grind that execution to a sharp ass sword. You can really only get better with practice and so far it really has helped. In about an hour i have been able to pull of EWGF and i slightly better rate of consistency and with the more time and effort i expect to improve.

Thanks a ton guys!


I believe the real challenge kicks in when you try to cancel them; especially from crouching.


I must admit that this challenge is really useful for anyone using Kazuya. I went from not being able to do ewgf to a 5 ewgf corner combo in 3 days and 4000+ ewgf. I can pretty much get ewgf out like 95% from 2p side and around 70% from 1p side but I haven’t done 10 000 ewgfs yet.