Do's and Don'ts and basic advice about Mods for a HORI Fight Stick V3. (Requesting Help)


I have read some threads and watched some videos regarding the Hori fightsick v3, sadly most them don’t go too far in depth. Also, from my knowledge it seems most people get them modded by someone else and can’t really shine on the topic. However, from what I have read after mods, these Hori v3’s become rather lovely.

I am aware about the soldering part of the Hori and all. So no need to brush up on that.

My real question is, if I could get some suggestions.

I am getting some Sanwa buttons from my cousin, which were lightly used (about 5 months of casual play due to college). So I have no real reason to buy buttons except for I presume issues later down the line.

The stick I am looking to add is the SEIMITSU LS-32-01 JOYSTICK, is this compatible with said Hori v3? Is it not too big or small, or whatever could cause a problem?
Also on this stick or whatever Sanwa would be suggested.

Seimitsu LS-32 Triple Restrictor Plate
Round Main Guide

Are these attachments worth it? Do they provide anything that would benefit me?

I mainly play Street Fighter, Tekken, and ArcSytems Games if that helps.

I suppose I would also need, attachment cables? I read about quick disconnects and all, but not sure what that applies to. What all would I be needing to add the Sanwa buttons and stick?


“Hori V3” doesn’t tell us anything.

Hori makes the Real Arcade Pro V3 and the Fighting Stick V3, among other sticks that share the same notation.

You’ll have to be more specific.


I am referring to HORI PS3 FIGHTING STICK V3 HP3-59U


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Not really. Triple Restrictor Plate is convince for those who change the gate settings often
Round gates? Eww, I don’t like round gates as unless you already know how to play on a stick it reinforces a bad habit which is gate grinding. Grinding the gate will wear out parts of your joystick faster.
Unless you are like a Zangreif player I say avoid it.

LS-32 is a all-around multi-purpose joystick, good for fighters, shmups, Beat-em-ups, and other arcade games.

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**P.S. are we speaking of the SIX BUTTON Fight Stick V3 or the EIGHT BUTTON Real Arcade Pro V3 SA?
Depending what actual stick you are talking about will effect the rest of my answers.

Hori Fight Stick V3


Hori Real Arcade Pro V3



Already edited. But the Hori Fight Stick V3

Actually, now that you mentioned it, I do play Circle characters, but, I heard that squares can be inconsistent? Not sure if that is just input-excuse or whatnot. But I mean in theory a circle gate would help circle moves, but in BlazBlue my Tager combos lead into a full circle motion. So I obviously would like something that works with the rest of the moves as opposed to one. I don’t spam circle.


This is the inside of a V3 from the official VX/V3 thread.

Judging by this, it has the same, horrible PCB and hori button setup as my POS Tekken Wireless (it’s for shmups and beat 'em ups, I swear :p)

You’ll want to carefully desolder/snip the wires around the PCB, separate them and splice them onto longer wires with spade terminals (the QD cables you were asking about) to accommodate your Sanwa buttons. Throw the PCB that mounted the hori buttons in the trash and never look back :stuck_out_tongue:

At a glance on that thread, it looks like the LS-32, although it wires up fine, isn’t easy to fit, due to the plastic facia and lack of accommodation for the mounting bolts.

What others have done, including @Darksakul with his VX, is swap a LS-32 Spring into the old Hori stick and fit it with better microswitches.

Should end up looking something like this with the buttons (edit: insulate your splices though, that just aint right):

And here’s Darksakul’s hori/seimi/sanwa hybrid stick:

That thread will be a pretty good source for you though, good range of projects on there.


On the switching out the spring part, is that recommended or more of a Frankenstein mod of some sort? Like I see where it’s good because you’re using the quality part, but, does it provide the same affect?

I suppose the most I wanted to do was get the stick and wires. I just wanted to know the best and most affordable route.

My only problem is I have never solder, so I would be hesitant on stripping and such and ruining an already cheap stick.


They’re all single wires, high school shop-class level stuff. Sure you could do it :slight_smile: you can also buy crimp splices if you don’t want to touch a soldering iron at all.

I’ll let Darksakul weigh in on the frankenstick haha.

Also give the square gate a fair shake first, most people like it.


Well there is the following thread

Everything you want to know about modding your V3 or VX is there.

As for Modifying the Joystick, I would not call it a Frankenstein since you are only swapping out some parts that are the most prone to wearing out, the Spring and Switches.


So would I end up buying the stick as whole, or could I buy the spring and switches separately. Thanks for being a big help btw.


Buy four Cherry Pushbutton Microswitches plus either a 3 lfb or 4 lfb spring.

Should be less than 20 US after shipping


The real lesson here is to never buy a Hori Fighting Stick of any sort if you plan to mod them in the future.


Unless you are a Pro and doing it for shits and giggles.


Unless it’s the old EX or FS3. In that case, you’d rather get chlamydia than mod one of those.