DO's and DON'Ts of EVO!

ok what are some rules or guidelines we have to follow for the BYOC

what can we bring and not bring

i searched the forum for a thread like this with no luck

hope fully this will answer other peoples questions too

thank you

Do Bring:

-LEGAL unmodded consoles, i.e. PS2s, Xbox 360s, Dreamcasts, or anything else you want to play casually.
-JAPANESE or MODDED PS2s to play Guilty Gear Slash. Make SURE your copy of Slash is LEGAL and not a downloaded version. This is the only real case where people should be playing on a modded system, because it’s the only way to play Slash.
-LEGAL versions of all games. Burnt copies of games are not allowed at EVO, because it is a legit tournament with legit sponsorship, and they cannot have their sponsors finding out that they are allowing/promoting internet piracy by having people come in with burnt games.
-Your own controllers. This includes MAS sticks, Hori sticks, game pads, custom joysticks, or whatever you want. Be SURE to bring your own stuff, because people aren’t going to just donate their sticks to you when they have to use them in the tournament.
-CONVERTERS. I don’t know how much I can emphasize this: EVERY YEAR people bring Dreamcast-only or Xbox-only sticks and then try to play on PS2, or PS2-only sticks and then try to play MvC2 on Dreamcast. And every year, converters get broken and/or stolen. BRING YOUR OWN SHIT, moochers will not be tolerated.
-Your Nintendo DS, and lots of games for it. Recommended: Mario Kart DS (since they’re having a tournament for it), Tetris DS (no-brainer), and

**Do NOT Bring:
-Alcohol/drugs of ANY kind, I don’t think I have to elaborate here. If you have to be stupid, do it in a designated area or somewhere where EVO will not be held responsible if you get fucked up.
-Modded versions of consoles, like the Xbox with internal hard drive that plays emulated games. This is a violation of copyright policy if you do not own the original versions of the games. For example, if you play Super Turbo on a modded Xbox, but you do not actually own a legal Super Turbo board, then you have violated copyright law. I myself DO own an ST board, but I’m still not bringing any modded equipment, because I don’t want to chance anything. KEEP IT LEGIT is the rule of thumb for EVO.
-Burnt/downloaded/illegally copied versions of any game. These are strongly banned at EVO and anybody caught playing them will probably get themselves into a shitload of trouble. PLEASE be smart here, don’t ruin everyone else’s fun because you’re a cheap fuck who wanted to bring a burnt game.
-TVs. There will be enough in the BYOC areas that you won’t have to lug in another one.
-Your stank. SHOWER, USE DEODORANT, BODY SPRAY, COLOGNE, MALE MUSK, or whatever the fuck you have to use to not smell like a monkey’s asshole. This is a requirement, if anybody stinks I will throw your ass out, and I’m not even running EVO. I have zero tolerance for inconsiderate fucks.

Things that are on the fence:

-Laptops. Laptops are great, don’t get me wrong, but there is going to be an issue with:

  1. Power sockets. There won’t be 2452345 empty sockets to plug in your laptop when most of them are taken up by power cords from TVs and game systems.
  2. Wi-Fi. Although wireless internet is great, we have no idea if it will interfere with signals from all the Nintendo DS units, since both the DS and laptops use the same wi-fi technology. If you have a dial-up style internet card though, you should be fine.
  3. PIRACY. You just know that if somebody brings a laptop, they’re going to want to play downloaded/pirated games on it.

On the other hand, with a laptop you can:

  1. Give live updates on the web.
  2. Play NON-Copyright infringing things, like Mugen, Melty Blood, Stepmania, and a lot of other fun stuff.
  3. Download porno and watch a crowd gather at the latest triple-penetration videos from Extreme

-Also on the fence would be excessive baggage. One backpack is fine, but if you’re lugging around your backpack, joystick, DS, luggage, etc., you have to remember that you have to find a place for it and watch it at all times. THINGS GET NOTORIOUSLY STOLEN AT THESE EVENTS so you can’t leave your stuff unattended, EVER!
-The final on-the-fence item would be a camcorder. EVO staff is allowing videotaping of everything at EVO, as long as you promise not to release the footage over the internets (they like to make money off the DVD, and last year’s DVD got botched, so they REALLY need to make some sales this year). If you think you’re going to be tempted to release footage, DON’T RECORD.

Will they tape MKDS matches? I had a hard time doing that at my tournaments, especially with the old DS because of glare and crap. The DSlite shouldn’t be a problem cuz the screen is hella bright, but I was wondering about that.


don’ts really means do it in your hotel room with 10 other people and your custom marvel

So…what happens if like Daigo pulls an all nighter and forget to take a shower? Or if Justin Wong gets tipsy over night and forgets about hygene? Does that mean they’ll get kicked out of the tournament? I mean I can understand random scrubs getting taken out after being put under the Stank-O-Meter…but not top players. I don’t care if Kokujin smells like raw sewage…I wanna see some top tier Dudley play.

oh and any type of souvenirs??

tshirts, posters, anythin?

if its like last year yes to the booth and yes theres shirts every year and i believe banners too get your shirts early though those 2x fast

Damn so no modded xboxs and alcohol? What if you drink before hand? The drinking rule needs to be elaborated on. Also doing drugs is ok, off the premesis right? is it ok to be high or drunk, as long as it isn’t done on the evo premesis?

Ok wait i found this on evo2k:
Anyone visibly intoxicated or under the influence of illicit drugs will be immediately ejected from the tournament, and may be banned. If you do not cooperate immediately, we will not hesitate to call the police and send you to jail. If you are breaking the law at the tournament, then you’re endangering the event for everyone else, and we will immediately toss you in the pool, or at least out of the event hall. If you are too junior varsity to handle yourself, at least don’t be a punk and mess it up for everyone else. Anyone exhibiting violent behavior or failing to comply with the requests of tournament officials will be ejected and banned from the tournament, with no exceptions. We have always enjoyed violence-free events, and this a zero tolerance issue. Keep it in the game, or keep it to yourself.

Can i be a little high?

Take a shower
Wear Deodorant
Bring some axe just in case

Come in smelling like shit

basically don’t do anything in public to fuck it up for the rest of us what you do in your room is up to you wink wink nudge nudge

Invite your sister.
Take a shower the day before
Sign up for DOA4…please? Cuz I want it to be there cuz next year and I can’t play it this year :frowning:

Masturbate in public, unless you’re a female of under 140 pounds
Throw controllers, unless it’s to help Americans beat those darn Japanese players
Call somebody cheap…scrubbery isn’t cool…
Make quotes from the Chappelle show, unless you are, in fact, Dave Chappelle