Do's and dont's of hakan from 0-10



I’m a 0-10, meaning I play hakan 0, but just all of a sudden wanna learn him.
I got videos open of high level players, I’m about to go into training mode, get high…enjoy my night, and play some hakan once I give him 1 hour of my time.

I need info here, and instead of looking around for bits and pieces and having it take me hours, I need some knowledgeable people in here hopefully helping me.

Nothing advanced, just the basics along with some good info.

The bread and butter basically.
Thank you all for your contribution.



Hey OP, welcome to oil-dom!

IMO, the $0.10 tour of Hakan is as follows:
-He more or less has one combo: j.:hk:, st.:lp: OR st.:lk: x3, :f:+:lk: xx Oil Slide (:qcf: :p:). There are some variations.
-He has setups off of any knockdown that can lead to 50/50 mixups using Oil Dives, Oil Rockets and Oil Slides.
-You said you were going to give him 1 hour of your time…that’s barely enough to scrape the surface of his play.
-He takes 10% less damage when oiled.
-When oiled, you can cancel a dash with any normal.
-:360::k: xx :d:+:ppp: build meter really effectively.
-st.:hp: is a good anti-air.

TBH, most of the information is easy to find in the stickied threads. He’s not a character that you can just pick up and dabble with. He requires hard work to use effectively, doubly so because of the community’s view of him as a bottom-tier character. Hopefully you enjoy him!


Didn’t know that bit about 10% damage reduction while oiled. Cool stuff.