Dose my Madcatz PS3 TE (original) work with PC SFV?


I have one of the original Ps4 Madcatz TE sticks…

One of these things!

… and I bought a special USB card that allows me to play it on PC with no problems, even in win10… But I hear that SFV dose not work with controllers and stuff… I know this question must have been asked a million times but I did some searching and found so much conflicting information, I am just totally confused.

[] Will it work on SFV, if the device works fine for other windows 10 games.
] if it dosn’t work, is there a “work around” to fudge it somehow (I’m probably not pro enough to notice some small input lag)

I really want to get in on SFV but if I can not be assured that my stick will work… then what is the point?

Also, on a side note… not as vital, but may as well ask… I also have a original HitBox

Will this work with SFV?


The PC version of SFV still has no native direct input support or key remapping (for keyboard players). Since launch the only sticks and controllers that have native support are those with x input, which would be 360 and xbone sticks and controllers. Since your stick is a PS3 (direct input) stick, then it won’t work on the PC version without some sort of third party software. There are a number of different ones to choose from and I suggest trying a few of them to see which one works best for you. Joytokey is probably my favorite, while x360ce is the most popular option. There are others that aren’t as well known such as antimicro, and [xoutput](Joy2key? Xpadder? X360ce? All Junk. Use this!

As for the original hitbox, I don’t know what pcb is used inside of it, so I can’t answer that one.


thanks… what about using a keyboard mapper like XPADDER to map the keyboard commands to the joystick? Would that work? as X-Padder can see both my Hotbox and Arcade Stick?


Yes, xpadder will work just fine. Most of these programs may introduce some sort of input lag though, so if you notice any with the one you’re using then try another one and see if it feels any better.


great, thanks for the help mate. I’ll give it a shot.


You can still use the driver version of xoutput 0.11, or you could try this one:

I never tested that one though. I only tested xoutput on the PS3 switch on my Qanba Q4, which worked fine.