Dota 2 Beta/ MAS sticks, PS2/Ps1 games


Looking to trade it or sell it for 40…I have 2.
Also selling 2 MAS sticks, 80 shipped each. One is an original MAS stick,The other is a custom that I bought from here. Also have converters and a lot of ps2 games I’ll post a picture of soon.


sent PM about PS2 games


pm sent


pm’d about mas


PM’ed about dota 2


pix of mas sticks?


@boom let me get 1

IMG_20111228_094343 by kute504boy, on Flickr
IMG_20111228_094334 by kute504boy, on Flickr
IMG_20111228_094354 by kute504boy, on Flickr
IMG_20111228_094426 by kute504boy, on Flickr


Pm sent.

Also what kind of converters do you have?


red mas pending to Crimson


How much for the old spice?