Dota 2? where the real niggas at

add me on steam “fulgorestyle” i’m giving you guys a chance to get on the A team before the game leaves beta. i give crash courses on owning niggas, 1 on 1 real time coaching/tutorials, and most importantly… i will teach you how to adapt in every situation and become the gandalf of dota.

I played 3 games of DOTA 2 when I got in beta. Went 16-0 with doom, 5-0 with morphling and 10-2 with weaver. Went straight back to HoN.

DOTA 2 feels so underwhelming… I’ll give it another chance when the product is finished.

The real niggas are with no beta invite. That;s where we are.

There’s already a DotA 2 thread.

Give me an invite for christmas, someone <3

Poppin the Cristal!..NOT THAT WHITE STAR!!!

No friend invites anymore.

That’s not fun :frowning:

Yeah can’t invite your friends unless they already have a key, leaving you likely to be sad when you play with pugs cus your carry decides to try to 1v4 the other team, go out alone past the river when four are missing, or your team full of pugs decides it’s a good idea for the team to have four carries cus they think DotA plays like LoL.

well, i didn’t ask you if there was already a thread did i peon? you need to recognize those who are greater than your mind could begin to comprehend. ie myself. on top of that, you suck dick. also, you suck dick.

a thread created by skeletorg outweighs any previous thread created by a lesser lifeform like yourself.

Search function > anything you will ever mention

you must be new nando

Seriously? No need to be an asshole about it.