DotA 2


I’m surprised there’s no thread on this. As some of you may already know, dota2 has been in the works for some time now produced by Valve and led by Icefrog. They are holding an international tournament in Germany on Aug. 17th - 21st. $1 MILLION FOR THE WINNING TEAM!

Dota 2 will publicly be shown worldwide for the first time via live broadcast on the 17th (this Wednesday)!

As a DotA and HoN player, I am extremely excited for this game.

Check out the trailer here!

The HoN/DoTA Thread

Couple of my TF2 friends were talking about this trailer earlier today, so many of them didn’t know wtf DOTA was. They were like “So is this gonna be a team-based shooter? Looks like a TF2 clone…” Epic sadface.

Holy shit, official debut is tomorrow.




I don’t like how they changed Lina from:

Old Lina


to the current Lina in the trailer.

Other than that, HYPE AS HELL. NEED THAT BETA.


I hope they re-do where your party member icons are located or allow you to move them yourself.


beta signups have been up.

EHOME or to win it all imvo


Game looks great,
another game I can’t wait for!


Get fucking hype.


I’m hoping Valve makes the game more user friendly and approachable, as thats what’s kept me out of the genre so far. Not sure if I wanna jump into this or wait for Blizzard Dota, the thought of playing Tassadar vs Thrall seems awesome


If you want user friendly and approachable, League of Legends has that covered. There’s a reason why it just bumped WoW down to #2 on the XFire top games list, it’s easy to jump into and tons of fun. DotA will always more difficult at it’s core because the base mechanics require you to manage way more things.


Very Excited to see this game in action. Love the trailer and the stylized look they chose.

Most every character was easy to recognize even with the revamped look.

And from the screenshots it looks likes the heroes will be easily distinguishable from the terrain. I really enjoy that.

I’m excited for this game, can’t wait to play puck/warlock/pugna and twin headed dragon again :slight_smile:

Edit: willy check out the Srk lol thread if your at all interested in the game, just post up and people will be sure to help you learn the ropes and play together


Subscription post.

I know Valve is going to tweak some things to make this game more user-friendly - there is absolutely no way a game can thrive in this day and age without that direction - I only hope they leave the core workings of characters alone, and just do number balancing. I don’t want to see Invoker reduced to four spells, you know, but I’m cool with ridiculous stuns and Tiny and the like turning people into smears on the floors in .5 seconds flat being toned down.

Past that, I hope they keep most of the inner workings of the game/characters the same and just give some informative tutorials. That’ll solve old DOTA’s problems of the game being impossible to get into.

I’m hoping Brewmaster/Omniknight/Techies get ported. Not crossing my fingers for the last two.

EDIT: I heard they were porting “everybody”. I also heard that they changed “everybody” from “most”. I really don’t see everybody getting ported.




Icefrog made a post early on in development that they are porting EVERY SINGLE HERO currently in DotA Allstars to DotA 2 on release. Not sure if that’s still the plan…


Signed up for beta, stoked.


I’ve read from several places that techies is already ported. Or damn near close to being done

He is now 2 goblins pushing around a cart of bombs and shit with a third one in the front shooting out rockets


On a serious note, I signed up for the beta and can’t wait to try it out.


It’s hard to get into, but extremely rewarding, not just in terms of the gameplay (that’s in a league of it’s own, courtesy of IceFrog) but having that European archaism that HON and LOL don’t have. That may be in regard to the brilliant storytelling by Blizzard.


I’m glad Valve is behind this, looking forward to how accessible it will be to new players of the genre.


i used to play (not much) dota years and years ago.

back before it get super complicated and in-depth. i tried playing a few years after that and i was terribly lost.

but on the upside, i expect hats. so many hats.

(it would be funny if valve hid in one of their characters as a secret hero . . . like a vortigaunt as an electric/healer/teleporter hero or something.)


kk. i read this and got a link from 4 chan. now for all you people who are scared dota will be to hard to get into. from what i have read/heard in EASY MODE it will be as close to LULz. when you die you dont lose money. not sure about exp gain when you die and get assist. you can still deny but in easy mode but i heard they dont lose that EXP. thats all i can remember but dont worry about it. For all the new ppl easy mode is there to help you out also with ingame tutorials thats going to be released. i could be wrong but all the other stuff he had written down on his website seems pretty accurate.

Man that trailer is so sexy lah. Im not sure i didnt do the time myself but a friend told me for us west coast ppl the stream will probably or most likely be up around 1am. could be earlier who knows but this is hype!