Double air hit?



I’ve been watching a lot of youtube Ibuki videos, and the one thing they do that I’ve never been able to do is doing 2 hits in the air (combo, or as the start of a jump in to a ground combo).

How does it work?



for 2 hits in air w/ ibuki i forgot the other one ( i think there is 2)
bit the one i know. jump foward( be sure to keep the stick tilted foward) and press :hp: then :mk: ( if i am not mistaken).
there is another one though but i forgot it


lk and mk
lp and hp
hp and mk


I highly recommend the Ibuki wiki for all kinds of miscellaneous info, most thanks to Xenozip, I believe.

And I’m pretty sure for all of those air chains, you also need to hit toward the opponent on the stick when you execute the second hit:

lk -> toward + mk
lp -> toward + hp
hp -> toward + mk