Double coil throw

how do you do this? i did it once but i dont know how. haha please help


lol i tried to find that shit out also a while ago… i forget , havent been using omega red in a while but i am sure you can find it on .

I don’t know if it’s the same thing (I pretty much doubt it), but if I catch an opponent in a Coil Throw and then use Energy Drain and throw them straight up, I use the upwards Coil Throw (D, DF, F + PP) and catch them with another, usually by surprise. Hope that helps.

coil w/o any drain, slam them in the ground. Then right when they hit the ground, another direction and punch. Hella hard timing and not worth it. Use the tactic below

i think you have to do the lp. coil with no drain from far screen and then i hit and then i thnk u can throw any direction but thats a for sure way to get it done. peace.