Double Combos



Gonna use this for combos. I don’t have time to manage it just this moment, but in a day or so I’ll overhaul it and have a listing.

So discuss, post, and anything else. I’ll compile them as soon as I can.


Anyone found any good damaging things you can do with cattelite lives super? Seems like scaling hits pretty hard with this so I just go for a lot of resets, but I figure there’s gotta be something here.


In the corner, the BnB I’ll use once I get my Double up and running is: > > > xx superjump, (2) xx Fridge, c.lp > (delay) c.lp > > xx superjump, j.lp > (2) xx Fridge, s.lp > s.lp > > xx superjump, (x) > j.hp (all), land, jump, (all) > j.hp (all), land, c.hp, > > c.hp, > s.hp, (OTG) > > > c.hp xx H Hornet Bomber xx Bionic CAAAAAR

Does a little less than 7k (didn’t test exact numbers after I cut one move from the combo), but considering I never touched or Ourocatos, it has a lot of room for improvement.


Doubt this is the most damage you can get but it is fairly easy and reliable so it’s what I do: jump mp(x) hp(x) land jump lk (3) mk (2) hp (all) land jump lp mk (2) hp (all) land s.lp s.lp c.hp xx h hornet bomber xx car.


Nothing fancy or unknown here, but these are all very simple


Easy Double Combos?

any catellite stuff? the ips is fucking anything i come up with up.


Just something simple to add to everything. Does 8.3k (optimally) solo vs 3, so it should do about 4.7k in a trio. Uses 1 meter and builds half of one during the combo itself. The end will make your opponent be roughly where they were when the combo started, due to the nature of the car. Without the car, makes your opponent travel about 1/3 of the stage. Also, there is room for you to do more things (some of which are character specific). This is just the most damaging combination I found using the string I learned day 1.

Also, if you’re having trouble following up after lp > mp > hp in the air(Ms. Fortune comes to mind), do mp > hp, land, jump lp > mp. > > > xx jump > lp > mp > hp xx land, s.lp > s.lp > > xx jump, lk > mk

From here, if in the corner

fridge xx > > > s.hp xx Run their ass over

If not in the corner

barrel xx > c.hp xx Run their ass over

For the full set:

in corner: > > > xx jump > lp > mp > hp land, s.lp > s.lp > > xx jump, lk > mk xx fridge, > > > s.hp xx Run their ass over

not in corner: > > > xx jump > lp > mp > hp land, s.lp > s.lp > > xx jump, lk > mk xx barrel, > c.hp xx Run their ass over

First post here. Tell me what you think. And sorry if I screwed up the shorthand badly.


Might as well mention: at the mk in the air, hk can be used for a mixup. Done right, the opponent will be hit by the bird, giving you freedom of choice to which side of you they land on. Furthermore, if you don’t want to use meter at the end, but still want decent damage and want them to be right in front of you on wake-up, do barrel (or fridge, only in the corner) > > mortal kombat slide.


I’ve been running this combo: mk hk j.lp mk hk xx qcb+mk mk mk hk mk hk xx qcb+mk (land) s.lp mk mk hk mk qcb+mk (land) mk xx dp+hk xx super

works on everyone everywhere* but you may have to change the timing

*i can’t get the to connect on ms fortune midscreen


do standing Forward


ive tried that, but since ms fortune is so light as it is, you have to start the air combo really early and i don’t think you get out of barrel form in time to link an


I started practicing the above combo against Ms. Fortune, but I didn’t read the whole post so I didn’t see that part about the whiffing against her. I have gotten it a grand total of one time, so it might just be a tight link or very dependent on the timing of the rest of the combo. But whatever, just do c.lp instead and it’s fine. right? >_>

edit: yeah


nice i’ll keep that in mind


Nothing new or even difficult, just a simple BNB I cooked up wilst in training mode. Sorry for the quality.


c.LK c.MP s.HK sjc j.LP j.MP j.HK land jump j.LK j.HK land jump j. MK xx QCB+MK, OTG c.MK c.HP xx DP+HK xx (QCF+PP or KK)

- ~6500 dmg, works anywhere on screen on anyone
- Depending on weight, the j.LP needs to be delayed a bit so they'll get juggled properly by the falling soldier.
- Really, you're probably better off canceling into Catellites. Less damage (~5400) but a better use of Meter IMO.
- Obviously you can Lvl3.


You’re using a 2v3 ratio so your damage multiplier is off.


ah, christ, I forgot about that <_<;;;

well, at least it looks cool


It’s all good. I’m in the process of testing most of these so I can edit the first post to have them in. It might take a minute though. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to work through the weekend but it turns out that I do. So I have to get a lot of this stuff done today before I get busy again.


So here’s a crappy little double combo I am using

(BLAH JUMP IN WHATEVER INTO),, s.mk2,, jump,, j.hp, land re-jump,, j.hp, land rejump, j.lp, j.hp, land, s.lp,,, jump, XX j.qcbmk XX qcfpp

In the corner you can change everything from the j.qcbmk to j.qcbhk, OTG,, c.hp XX dpfhk XX qcfpp

It doesn’t do optimized damage. Scores 4.5k 1-to-1. However, the neat thing about it is that you can insert a throw reset anywhere… and I mean anywhere. If the opponent is in the air you can throw reset after the re-jump or after one of the lights. If the opponent touches the ground you can throw reset after a light or after they hit the ground in the first place. You are always in range for a throw and your opponent is always just about to fall out of the combo, and since most of the combo is in the air they can’t hold up back to avoid you. Hitting a qcfPP after a throw reset will net you around 2000 extra damage, but more importantly a ground throw or a really low air-throw allows you to dash in, OTG, and do the whole combo all over again, with a reset wherever you like again. It’s a great way to keep up pressure.


So, those avery loops. They’re kind off amazing. This most damaging version I’ve come up with so far:

j.HK land j.HP (1 hit), j.HK land j.LP, j.HK land j.MK, j.HK

The first two jumps after landing are forward jumps and the last jump is a neutral jump. The beauty of this is the j.MK. Because of that, you can actually continue the combo by replacing the j.HK with M Item Crash if they start to get comfortable with the typical reset afterward. It also gives you a near-full meter for the Blockbuster of your choice. Oh, and it works on everyone except I forgot to test it on Double herself -_-



Yeah. They’re neat, but pushing them further doesn’t get you much of anything better. It builds lots of meter though.


What do you mean exactly by “pushing”?