Double Deuce: 52 Year-Old Father Lives as a 6 Year-Old Girl


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In other news, the above story made me cringe so hard, it cured my headache.

Legal to fucc??? :looney:

this isnt trangender or transage, this is motherfucking schizophrenia and should be treated as such.

the fucking gay mafia keeps tryign to make people believe that mental illness is not what it is.

So a transgender with Peter Pan syndrome.


Crackas ruining the world so they can pretend to be little girls and play with ponies in shit…



why is it white people who come up with this shit?

Don’t be hatin’ cause we’re the innovative ones.

What i want to know is when are you fuckers going to stop letting this shit fly and admit that all the trans shit is a mental health problem.

“I don’t want to be an adult right now…”

I stopped reading after that line. Really about to be mad at the world if i read any more of this.

We’re going to keep assuming it’s not because we don’t care. Mexicans and Muslims are taking our jobs to bomb us. Priorities, ok?

What did he do with his diccandballs? Snip snip? If not, that needs to happen ASAP.

He already has SEVEN kids, probably used all sorts of government assistance and then just fucks off and does this.

Just like religion. I mean, who actually believes in a Santa Claus for adults.

I wasn’t talking about him procreating, I’m worried about him playing “doctor” with other little girls.

I’m transgenerational. I believe I am a badass samurai living in modern times. Peep the avatar. Is this not acceptable because I’m not white?

Sounds like a legitimate strategy to skip paying for child-support in this loving and tolerant world.

“Well, I hate my job and family. Back to square one!”

Look, if he wants to stand before the grand elders, naked as the day he was born, and undergo the womb christening like every other little girl who came before him, then great.
But we all know he would the third day from the shame of fraudulence and he has no right to wear the barbs of the ovarian.