Double Down isn't for Blackjack anymore - KFC Heart Attack Sandwich!

I couldn’t find the old thread, but the KFC heart attack sandwich, the Double Down is going live on the 12th! :wow:

hahaha those asshats are actually gonna make it national?! yess. fuck u healthy fuckers.

Shit’s only 500ish calories! FUUUU time to eat 2 on release date!

Is there a pre-order bonus? Do I finally get the chicken-shaped thumb-wrestling skins I’ve always wanted?

Yeah, it may only be 500 cals, but look at how much Sodium there is.

That being said, I must eat one of these at some point in my life. It looks DELICIOUS! cue Bison

Sure. While you’re at it, wash it down withone of these. :rofl:

Can you send me one of this down to my country? Want to see if your KFC is better than ours.

It’s not, KFC is better in South America than in the United States.

is that coming to Canada? My sister told me about it when she went to the US last year, and I have wanted one since

When I used to work at a Wendy’s back in high school, we used to take two spicy chicken breasts, and use them for buns (with a burger patty topped with cheese and bacon)…

fucking delicious, until I gained like 10 lbs in a month

damn right its better yours we can teach you but we’ll have to charge…

here is the thread

im still wondering why this has a countdown timer…its a damn sandwhich I could if it was a Mickey D’s Double Mcrib…(cue Slow Jazz Music and crank the smooth R and B guy voice)Two flameboiled never frozen fresh pork patties smoothered in original recipe BBQ sauce marinated in different spices simmering until just right with green bell peppers and onions in between.

excellent. I forgot all about this thing the last time we were keeping an eye out for it.

yo that sodium content is out the ROOF!

I’m buying one.

I can’t wait to try one. it is most definitely atkins friendly and it takes a lot of protein to load up these guns.

flexes biceps

I must have that now!!! rages


Wasn’t there already a thread made by a different fatass about this abomination?

I think I shaved off 5 days from my life just by looking at it

imma eat one of these as I am doing squats at the gym.

thats a whole lotta sodium, but im strangely attracted to it, like a moth to a flame. or a fatass to twinkies

Bumpin’ this. Here’s a link about the nutritional values of the DD

Calories are lower than I thought but contains a day’s worth of sodium.

Anyone man or fat enough to try this out later? :karate: