Double Dragon 2 "Wander Of The Dragons" XBLA remake

I remember reading about this earlier and it seems to me that this game will be a hybrid of both the Arcade and NES versions. What I didn’t count on however, was them changing the looks of the game entirely. Seriously, just look at this trailer

I have no idea what to think. Feel free to discuss

I…don’t think that I will like this.

What the hell is this? I hope this is some poor troll attempt.

This is my only thought on the matter.

I honestly would have preferred a more complete version of Super Double Dragon/Return Of Double Dragon. Especially in the case of Return of Double Dragon, because while the Super Famicom version was more complete than the SNES version, it was still very incomplete.

Moving on now. The music is very “wtf” at points. Billy’s voice sounds like a little boy, and I am already detecting hit detection problems [more specefically during that train fight stage], and enemies being difficult for the wrong reasons [during boss battles]

I’m a huge double dragon fan. This remake just looks bad. I’m down for anybody to try and do a revival, but this looks just… ugh. Who’s in charge of it?

This looks like a PS1 game. And very very bland and boring.

I wish I never saw it, pretty sad you can predict a failure months ahead of it’s release. Jimmy and Bimmy Lee would be ashamed…

this is just…wow

They should have just stayed with cartoony graphics. Because this looks like a cheap run-of-the-mill sidescroller.
Bad music, bad gameplay, cheap looking font.


Looks fake to me.

My buddy and I have been waiting years for a good new DD game to come out. This is not it

Why Bimmy and Jimmy, why???

Continues to wait for RCR2.

A Korean developer called Barunsoft Interactive

Between the Engrish title, the crummy graphics, the fact that it looks like Fighting Force, the cruddy editing on the trailer, and the randomness of remaking DD2 and just skipping the first one, Iiiiiii’m not too hype for this one.

They already released the first Double Dragon on XBLA, but that one was pulled from the service later

Why was it pulled? I still have it :stuck_out_tongue:

Still funny. xd

In all seriousness though, please lawd God Jesus, don’t let River City Ransom 2 turn out this awful looking. : o

Well, that’s good for you then. Games you have already bought that have been pulled from the service can still be played. But for those that don’t own it, we’re pretty much screwed

As for why the game was pulled? It was most likely because the publisher that put the game on XBLA [Empire Interactive] closed down. So that would explain it.

Is this the same developer that trolled us with the Turtles in Time remake? It looks like the same kind of shit.

Straight port of Super Double Dragon plz.