DOUBLE ELIM Heroes World SF4 Tourney: MARKHAM, March 20th, 2010


So Heroes World, is going to be doing our first SF4 Tourney. Odd that we don’t have more in the Markham area considering Getty is near here. If things go well Heroes World is hoping to do monthly tournaments and possibly ranbats.

Heroes World
8601 Warden Avenue (North-East Corner of Hwy 7 & Warden)
Markham, Ontario
L3R 0B5
(905) 948-1949

Saturday March 20th @ 2:00pm
12:00pm - Casual Gaming
1:30pm ? Registration
2:00pm - Tourney begins

DOUBLE Elimination
Each match will be to best of 3 rounds
Each set will be best of 3 matches (Finals will be best of 5 sets)

Street Fighter IV PS3 (we will have 360s around if both players want to use it fine, if one wants PS3 we can lend a TE stick)
Controllers provided (TE stick if needed for system)

Pay out will depend on turn out:
8 players - 1st=100%
9-16 players - 1st=70%, 2nd=30%
17-23 players - 1st=65%, 2nd=25%, 3rd=10%
24-32 players - 1st=65%, 2nd=25%, 3rd=10% from collected pot -$10 4th= $10 aka free entry
Cut off is 32 players

Venue Fee:
$7.00 BUT if you register now on the thread it is a $2.00 OFF so would be $5.00

Entry Fee:

We know we have at least 6 people from Heroes World alone so far so it would be great if some SRK community members come as well. Also, if anyone can bring a small TV please post. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask and please post your name if your coming.

SRK Signups

  1. johnjohn
  2. Tough Business
  3. JS Master
  4. b4k4
  5. Tofu Warrior
  6. duck
  7. Blitzman_G
  8. the Skout
  9. ViSiOnInG
  10. Markisreal
  11. Taticx at 2:30 best I can do for you is have your match last but if your not there I guess the other person auto gets a bye then I will do your match in Losers last as well to give you as much time as possible.
  12. Takonic
  13. clutchLT
  14. RK
  15. Dice01
  16. Ab Warsame
  17. radica
  18. GHoooSTS
  19. RiceCrysis
  20. The Fladi
  21. Phant

Starting to add HW handles for fun.


10 dollars for a single elimination single match tourney won’t fly.

That’s not even getting to the 70% collected prize pool thing.


Single Elimination
Each match will be to best of 3 rounds (Final will be best of 5 rounds)
Each set will be best of 5 matches

2/3 rounds, 3/5 sets? :wtf:

That’s … an odd format.


finally a markham one! im most likely reaching this.


I tried to get it changed from single elim to double elim for the longest time but the best I could do was up the sets to 5 instead of 3. The entry fee was also originally $5.

Whats so bad about 70%? Their only taking a cut of 30% where most places do $5 venue cost if your a member with a $10 entry which is 33% and if your not a member it becomes like $15 for venue and it then becomes a cut of 60%. It seemed fair to me at the time for a place’s first tournament.

If people are really vocal about doing double elim and enough people post here to warrant the change, I’ll talk to them again if they can slightly up venue to accommodate double elim. The goal with this tournament is to see if we have enough players to run these monthly and then they will be double elim and SSF4.

PS - I’m just a liaison and a Heroes World regular.


I can guarantee about everyone posting in this thread will prefer a double elimination over a single format. If it’s a matter of time that’s one thing but If there’s even an option to make it double elimination then try and push for it.



double elimination please


You gotta understand that the player base in Toronto and the surrounding areas is very spread apart. With the single elimination format, you will have some people travelling 40 minutes to an hour only to get knocked out in the first round cough teddy, rebelo, gettycough.


Yeah, I’d only make the trip if the tournament format was switched to double elimination, especially considering it’s a $10 entry fee.


Ok, if I ask to change it to standard double elim how much more do you guys wanna up venue and entry fee to be fair?


last tourney i went to had double elim at $5 for 70/20/10

of course the place was bleh so they didn’t charge a venue fee. it was advertised, but never enforced.

$10 for double elim is fair.

you may as well have said $5 entry and $5 venue fee and just kept all the venue fees, so that the pot can be advertised as fully for winners.


co-sign tofu warrior

i’m guaranteed to come if you fix that format soon


Thanks for the feedback. We are now in the process with talking with the managers to change the format. Also, we have 4 televisions so far do you think that will be enough?


70% of $10 goes to pot > 100% of $5 to pot


I don’t know if I can make it to this tournament but I’d be down for upcoming tournaments/ranbats. And the controllers provided would be TEs?



Switch it up and you’ll probably double the size of your shin dig.


I’m in for having monthlies at Heroes World (I live at McCowan/Steeles), but $10 for single elim… that’s even more steep than having your own tourney at Pac Mall (shitty set up…) and Lovegetty (I prefer this set up - but I don’t go there either lol). However, the benefit of having a proper location is that you get casuals and unlimited play (so to speak).

You can tell John/Andre/who is giving this plan the green light that double elimination will be a better format. If people can go in there for WarHammer/MtG/YGO/Pokemon (do they even have to pay?), then I’m sure having regular (S)SF4 tournies there will work too. The only shame is that you can’t really get anywhere in York Region without a car - Walking a block takes forever (compared to walking a block downtown lol).

This is the same number at the GTA tourney in January. I felt it was adequate enough to get the tourney going. It was just the venue that was a bit constricting when trying to get around. lol


bad tourney format plus 50% 1st place… thats worse then DNB tourney
id rather just host a getty tourney the same day with a double elim 70% 1st place pot


iuno if its just me but i would rather pay $20 dollars for a double elimination 70/10/5 % …70 percent of 10 dollars x 10 = 70 bucks…up the anty? again this is imo