Double EX Donkey Kick - Is it possible?

Is it possible to do another donkey kick or EX donkey kick after you do a donkey kick?
Similar to how Q does double dash punch, and a little similar to Urien’s tackle juggles. After 2 donkey kicks (or maybe even 3), you can finish with a tatsu or shoryu or something. I wonder how much damage that would do.

I am pretty sure after the second one hits that is all for the juggle count or something because the only time I tried it I recall it ending the combo. Q’s double dash punch usually isn’t ex’ed iirc.

It’s possible, but you wont be able to juggle again.

If you could, that would be pretty much an infinite.

No it wouldn’t.

So its possible? After the second EX donkey kick, can you do a tatsu? Or maybe a Shinkuu Tatsu for a flashy finish.

Close MK into 2 x EX Donkey Kick followed by a tatsu --------

Is that a better option meter-wise and damage-wise? (as opposed to using the meter for an SA)

What I meant was if you could do it over and over again.

Like you do

S.HP -> EX joudan -> ex joudan til death

No. Ryu’s longest bar is SA1 and that gives him about 6 (?) EXes. Not enough EX joudans to kill someone from full health or be considered an infinite. And look at what the move does in terms of positioning, at a certain point at the corner I bet it’s just not possible to continue because of turnaround issues. 3S’s juggle counter would also be maxed at 6 even if each hit was worth one point, which they obviously aren’t.

Fuck, I didnt think about that. feels really stupid

Yeah of course the EX bar limit is a given, and yeah as he does more EX joudan kicks Ryu moves closer to the corner.

But what I am putting forward now is that 2 EX joudan kicks take up 1 SA bar or less(?), so if Ryu can combo a HP into 2 EX joudan kicks, finish with tatsu…
Isn’t that a better way to use the SA bar? More damage, more flashy, maybe less bar used up.

I am pretty sure after the 2nd EX joudan you can’t hit again. I think it maxes the juggle count or something because when I did it last night the combo message came up after the 2nd one.

What? I thought the juggle limit was 6 juggles? Or 7? Is it different if you use EX hits?

it’s done in juggle points. Some moves are more points

Oh right. Anyone know the information for Ryu’s EX Donkey Kick juggle points?

You can only do the EX Donkey kick twice, and not from every positions - you can do it if you are in a corner and start the combo here - but after the second ex kick you can’t hit anymore.

This means doing it twice is immensely useless, since the EX does less damage, you’d better use the normal one but of course, the best is tatsu.

^ is this similar to the donkey kick to HP srk technique? the timing on that sounds hard

are there any vids of a double donkey kick?

Ryu Combos

:crybaby: i know ryu has alot of combos but the biggest problem i have is to link of shoryuken?..plz help

^ doesn’t really require much timing on your part lol. just mk -> ex joudan -> HP Shoryuken but you should be going for a Tatsu instead of a shoryuken anyways.

From what I recall, you can’t wall bounce twice without involving a super.
The idea reminds me of elena a little bit. After messing around, I came to the conclusion that using two ex moves wasn’t worth the effort.
Why? Usually using the 2nd ex move ends the combo. However,ex move -> special move…special move builds super for you.
ex move -> ex move both specials use super. So it’s like a double penalty. Roundhouse hurricane kick does 25 points by itself already. There’s essentially no benefit. If an ex move does do more damage, it’s usually not significant damage.

So instead, do ex geri , hit them with jab, and go for an ex geri parry reset. That should work…but I have no idea how to set it up. I’m certain somebody can come up with something.

during reset characters can only be hit by certain stuff I think depending on height in the air vs reset animation. then if they’re close enough to the ground as most things other than like shin sho start up they won’t be hit anyway since they’ll land by the time the move is hitting. even beyond all that air resets are weird. i dont know if the hitbox is just tiny or they’re invulnerable for some part or only moves with x juggle counter can hit or what. it doesn’t seem to follow any specific logic ive worked out quite yet. definitely it matters what you reset with though I believe.

in other words you need to use a fast move unless you intercept them in the air by jumping to meet them. so ex joudan i dont think will ever hit from just a jab reset. too slow. reset higher in the air doesnt give you time or spacing for it.

as for double ex joudan its plenty possible just requires specific spacing and there’s absolutely no point at all since the second ex joudan ends the juggle counter. not to mention you’re using meter, it does less damage and less stun. there’s a reason you never see anyone do this.