Double Fine gets fans to fund its new project - NO publisher required


[details=Spoiler]Double Fine will be able to fund at least two and a half adventure games and/or put an awful lot of money into creating an incredibly extravagant one, as the developer’s Kickstarter project has just topped $1 million dollars. After being announced late last evening, the project’s page already reflected a number exceeding the goal of $400K within just over eight hours.

With another 33 days to go, and an incredible amount of momentum as is, we’re thinking the sky’s the limit for the Double Fine folks. And they’ll get to that sky in their fleet of private jets, all custom designed to nest within one another like the characters in Stacking, and Tim will be the mothership. It’s all so clear now! What have we done?![/details]

I went ahead and gave $30. I’m amazed they managed to get over $1 million (and still growing) for a project that normally be rejected (and probably has been) by all the major publishers.

I kinda want them to get to $20 million by March, if just to get a modern triple A point and click adventure.


Megaman Legends 3.

Alright now no one else has to post it :rofl:.

It’s crazy how fast they raised this amount.

If it’s not Brutal Legend 2 than I don’t care

On one hand it’s kinda sad a developer can pull 1 mill faster than most charities can get 13 cents on the other Double Fine makes good games with a lot of love and enthusiasm so it’s nice to see them prosper I guess.

I wonder if this can convince publishers to go with a special preorder plan for risky games? Like, people can essentially pre-buy a game and the game will be guaranteed development if enough preorders come in.

prob cause charities these days have become so suspect. adopt a child where you adopt some kid in africa and they write to you and such will keep taking your money even if your kid dies…and they wont tell you. i mean how do you know the person wont adopt a new kid. seems like a fucked up practice to me.

Psychonauts 2 please.

I wonder if this is the start of a new trend where a company goes straight to the gamers for funding instead of publishers? They would have to be good ideas for sure, though…I don’t think we would just throw our money at anything.

This really brought a smile to my face…to see the gamer community just come out of nowhere and give them the funding they needed many times over. We’re a passionate group when we want to be. I want to know who it was that gave them $10,000 though. :o

Maybe, it is going to be trend. It is a nice one at that though.

so wait you donate for them to make the game… then you gotta pay for the game? fuck off.

If you donate the minimum amount, you get the game when it’s released without paying any additional amount of money.

This reminds me that I should probably finish Costume Quest. :rofl:

Big ups to Tim for sticking it to the big boy devs. Brutal Legend 2? Yes. Psychonauts 2?? Hell yes. I can wait a little while longer, however.

They just passed $ 1.4 million.

The best part if how it’s almost impossible for this trend to be corrupted. Think about it, if all other developers like EA or Activision hopped on this no one would donate shit, or at least not nearly enough to make a game because people who care enough to donate to a developer are probably informed enough to know who’s worth donating to and who’s not.

Capcom asks for donations for new fighter

fans respond by saying “Only if the only comeback mechanic anywhere near this game is the reimbursement for our donations”

It can be corrupted in a different fashion. A developer can release an Alpha version of whatever they’re working on and ask for donations or pre-orders to help fund the game to completion.