Double Finishing Shower in combo?



As shown in some combo videos, it seem like Morrigan can, in the corner to do something like:
Combo, shadow blade M, finishing shower, shadow blade M, finishing shower.

For some reason i couldn’t replicate that in training mode, any ideas?


It’s really simple to do, once you know the timing of it. When you see the hyper combo background disappear, that’s when you know it;s time to do the next M Shadow Blade. You can even do this mid-screen, but you need to dash towards them after the first Finishing shower. Practice doing the M Shadow Blade xx Finishing Shower xx M Shadow Blade xx Finishing Shower in the corner without the combo in front of it.


I can actually get the 2nd shadow blade pretty fine, but for some reason, not matter what, i don’t get the Finishing Shower


I thought one of the changes for ultimate was that finishing shower counted against the three moves limit in the air that might be the problem


Yeah, sadly Morrigan can no longer loop Finishing Shower in the air. For some reason going into flight mode doesn’t seem to solve this either.
You can however do a j.S knockdown, land, call OTG assist, then do Shadow Blade>Finishing Shower that way.


Yeah, you’re right. The limit of special moves that Morrigan can preform in the air is three, but if you’re on the ground and you preform the shadow blade, you can do another three specials after it.


Since finishing shower counts as a special, you can’t do more than one if you cancel it out of Shadow Blade. If you recall from vanilla, however, you can actually combo into the first finishing shower from a j. :h: (opponent’s head has to be about waist level, early into a combo, and it’s character specific), so you can do j. :h: xx Finishing Shower, :m: Shadow Blade xx Finishing Shower.

There are a lot of drawbacks to it though; namely that you have to cut the beginning of your combo short and it’s only on medium/large characters. So for that reason I feel like the best way to go is :m: Shadow Blade xx Flight xx :m: Shadow Blade xx Finishing shower, and then try and Team Aerial Combo afterwards, since that link has been made significantly easier in Ultimate.


finishing shower counting towards her three air specials was pretty stupid; although, she could probably kill a lot of characters with combo>finishing shower loop in the corner.
i just hate it because i used to use a midscreen combo>S>super jump, M, M, H, shadow blade, finishing shower>soul fist>fly towards opponent. can’t do the bolded anymore. you either have to throw a soul fist and drop to the ground or fly and then do a soul fist, which isn’t as intuitive.


She could still do it. I made a video showing it awhile ago. Shadowblade has to be from the ground.



that’s because the first shadow blade was on the ground. finishing shower counts towards her air special cap now.
i just think it’s stupid when they talk about morrigan doing a lot of damage in the corner with a finishing shower loop, and then they remove it. wtf? i guess we can just do level 3 now.


I’m aware of all that. I said so in the video description. It IS very stupid. I dont see the logic behind changing it.


i want it back. that was so kewl =[


i thougt it is back?


nope. finishing shower counts towards the three special moves she’s allowed to do in the air. shadowblade is 1, finishing shower is 2, another shadow blade is 3 and she drops.


I know that, but i know that you can do two finishing showers anywhere on the screen in one combo :stuck_out_tongue: it is quite simple actually… @_@


if it’s like the combo that guy talked about earlier in this thread, it’s because the first shadowblade was on the ground, a.k.a. not counting towards the 3 air special move limit.


not really you don’t need to do shadow blade to have finishing shower connect :P. I am actually a dormammu main, and i watch this guy named Lintlikr1 on youtube, and he also plays as morrigan.
st. S delay j. m, j. m, j. h, into finishing shower then did the downward dash into j. h, to shadow blade M to finishing shower.
you do the first finishing shower when your opponent is above the j. h, and that how you can do two finishing showers in a combo @_@


wow, that sounds hard. it’d be cool to see, though.


no it is actually really easy to do. just try and you will see :slight_smile:


Should test it, but I don’t believe that after normal b&b you can connect FS after j.H