Double Fukiage against Chun-li completed *New Video (easier)-2017*


CONFIRMED, arcade possible!

Finally got around to making this… Hope it helps! = )

Standard double Fukiage



Double Fukiage with another double Fukiage as the ender


Second chance stun combo

[details=Spoiler][/details] Depends on the screen shifting before the Fierce->Fwd Super. If it shifts, you MUST bounce Chun-Li to the left, if it doesn’t, you must bounce her to the right.
If you use RH for your Super strength… When starting from the right, bounce Chun to the right… When starting from the left, you need to delay your dash…

From the corner!



Max range stun combo from the left side
This first one is the easier version, basically you just slightly delay the dash, then delay the Fukiage and have Chun bounce to the right, the Fukiage timing is the same as the second chance WFukiage I posted earlier.


This one is only recommended if your screen positioning prevents ^ from being possible…
Delay the dash more, hit the first Fukiage so that Chun bounces left, now WALK left a few pixels and hit the fastest Kara Fukiage you can. The timing is far more strict then any other normal version. So the inputs after the first Fukiage would be ( :b: )~(N)+st.Short->:d::db:+Jab. (If you delay the dash until you are off screen, you don’t need to walk between the Fukiages, you can see that in the main tutorial video.)


Yet another way of landing a double Fukiage on Chun-li…This time with 2 dashes!


I knew this way had to be possible… Only for show, it’s so random that you’d even be in this position… Plus, from where you start this, you can do the cornered double Fukiage starting with Forward SA2 instead.
Barely outside of the corner, Short SA2-> immediate dash-> Kara Short–~Jab Fukiage-> dash, cr.RH~Jab Fukiage.
^this^ was easily my most attempted technique/version before finding the other ways.

The timing is stricter while cornered so it’s easier midscreen IMO, [S]I’ve only played Pad so you might think it’s easy.[/S] I have a stick now and it’s much easier to do!

Mini tutorial:

Midscreen: Walk back after SA2, as in 6236(hold)+jab, Kara Jab Fukiage with st. Short.
(You can stay still before the Fukiage midscreen, the important part is delaying it the proper amount)

Cornered: Try to stay fairly still after SA2, delay the Fukiage longer than you would for the midscreen combo, this juggles Chun away from the corner, similar to how the Stun combo works on Oro for example. Note: you can do it where Chun juggles towards the corner, but you have to walk in the opposite direction… 6234(hold)+Jab, which is much more difficult.

1st tip: After the first Fukiage, don’t move or press a button, when Chun wakes up st. Fierce her, if it connects or is blocked (or you’re within a couple of pixels of hitting), you’re in a good range for the 2nd fukiage, so… if it barely whiffs when you’re on the left, you hit it too early. If it whiffs by a good chuck when you’re on the right, you mistimed it (under normal circumstances, the Fierce never connect when Chun lands on the left)

[S]2nd tip: EDIT: No longer needed, it was basically useless.[/S]

These are uploaded to the 360 match server aswell (for those interested in seeing them in good quality, search “telesniper” under tags on the replay options, you’ll need to scroll down a bit), the only DIP switch change is starting with max meter.

Since finding this about a week ago, I’ve landed it more times than then I have the double kara against Ibuki and Oro, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing this in some high level play.

Also, I didn’t know if I should put this under a Makoto thread or not… Figured since this combo was only a rumor for so long it merited it’s own thread.

UMvC3 OTT now with more P4A
A Litany of Hate: Ports are F@|( 1^& Awesome

Right on!

Saw this in the sf3onlinedition youtube channel last week as a concept, wondered what’s the rundown on it.


I would have posted this info roughly that same day, but I had trouble activating my account.

It’s hard to believe the solution was so simple, just walking and/or late fukiage. I had the biggest smile when I first landed it.

Oh yeah, I thought it was funny that the first video has 2 down votes in the match server… What more do you want?



And ya, hopefully not OE specific.


…I wonder about this honestly tho, how has japan not found this in 13 years, so naturally Im skeptical


I think they were over thinking it honestly. When I started playing around the launch of OE, just about the first thing I did was learn the stun combos, I knew that the Chun stun combo was a “myth”, so I stubbornly spent hours at a time trying different timings with dash karas, different super timing etc…

In the end, this is how I came up with this… I was dead tired, had been trying this for at least an hour without getting any closer than I was 11+ months ago, when I started to test how quickly Makoto begins to walk after dashing. Being familiar with how long you can delay fukiages already, I incorporated walking into that. It took maybe 20 more minutes of screwing with the timing, but when I pulled it off I was wide awake, it took quite a bit longer before I knew how to pull this off from the corner though. So basically me being tired (laziness) is what made me think of delaying the fukiage for so long.

Watch it in the match server on 360 (assuming you have one) to get a sense of the timing (you don’t even need the karakusa or fierce) just do the second super like I did in the second video, mess with the timings and I’m sure you’ll pull it off.

tl;dr. Japan and EVERYONE else was over thinking this. Try it out for yourself, midscreen, it’s not difficult.


someone foward this to Tominaga, I’m eager to see the results at top level play

@telesniper: good job!


…well I’ll be damned.

But I don’t know if I would say they were “overthinking” this, considering they did manage to find ways on landing this on everyone BUT her. But yeah, I want to see if this can be done outside OE. If this can work at the arcade, Makoto is going to be the most busted bitch and we have telesniper to blame.


I still think this won’t be enough to “counterpick” Chun, but anything that can harm the bitch is welcome :smiley:


Myth Busted.:pray:




Id test it on arcade but ive only been able to get double fuki once before and never on oe. Fuckt that combo


I know, I was just teasing telesniper a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still though, this is actually really huge. Even Tominaga said that he couldn’t get Double Fukiage on Chun and there hasn’t been any type of footage for this until now. Now I really want to see this done on the arcade.


I will test in arcade tonight if someone does not beat me to it. Although I wonder how mindful one will have to be with with abare one uses in-between ranges.

I do not know if it is a game changer for the match-up, although it would be nice to have another option.

Good shit though


“over thinking” may have been the wrong way to put it, but I would’ve assumed at this point they were trying fancy karas when you just need to be lazy with timing/walk, I made the ARE YOU SERIOIUS!? face, that is of course, after I screamed like a girl in excitement (don’t judge…)

Oh, feel free to blame me all you want, I’m just glad to have contributed something to 3S that will (hopefully) span across the world. On another note, those translations are amazing, keep up the amazing work!

This is exactly what I’m looking forward to most, if he can so casually get the double kara, this shouldn’t be that difficult for him to adjust to.

It probably sounds weird, but I got even more motivated when I watched that “Kuroda knowledge” nico video a while back. When I saw he was trying with 2 dashes… don’t know something just made me want it that much more.

Yes, please pull this off in the arcade, would’ve loved to do that myself, but I doubt there are any cabs in SD… Also, I don’t have much experience with arcades sticks, so that could have taken quite some time.

About the awareness issue… That is something of a concern of mine, if you hit a raw abare with rh, the double isn’t that difficult, but the others have strange timings. After just a fierce, in the corner using short super, I’ve only landed it a few times using the 6234(hold) way, I kept getting oroshi or hayate… so this was very frustrating on pad.

With a karakusa, I’ll always either do fwd or rh super, those are easier for me… ie. karakusa, slight delay fierce, slight delay fwd super while cornered, double forward bounce fukiage. This probably works without delaying anything, but this way works for me. Oh yeah, delay the fierce midscreen if you think Chun’s too close to the corner for rh to connect. IMO rh super is the easiest way to land this.


Nice going man thanks for this. Didn’t even think it was possible.


I’m going to run to the arcade as soon as I get this on ps3 but I’m not sure how close I am to landing it
EDIT 1: Did it. Leaving now.


Are you trying a st. fierce after the 1st fukiage? If it whiffs, the spacing/timing is off.

When midscreen, with Makoto on the right side: rh super, dash, 623(6)+Jab(you don’t need to input this too quickly), if Chun bounces left you waited too long, if she juggled right and your fierce whiffs you did it too early.


ok,just tried using nfba and,yes,it works

[6 hits because i only did SA and fukiage x 2]

amazing discovery,telesniper ; this is actually pretty epic
and…we should tell boss,not tominaga
apparently,it was boss who originally discovered the 100 % stun combo
ohnuki will probably hate you a little though é_é

edit : complete combo with karakusa and s hp


Awesome, not OE exclusive.

Boss, Tominaga and Mimora (though he prefers SA1 I believe). Also, Nuki as I want to hear him scream “SAA” even more hehe.