Double has better mobility than originally thought



So I was screwing around today and did something on accident. You can cancel the startup of Double’s dash with a jump.

What this means is that Double has SNK style hops and super hops. You can use a hop after a throw into jHP for instance. I’d post a video but I’m still setting up after my move.


Holy crap your right! I was looking into how to set Macros for Skullgirls as I had never done it before in a fighting game to help work on my IAD for valentine rather than do it the hard way. Read your post and was diddling around with it and training mode and realized that if I press the macro while either jumping forward or back, then she can clear some SERIOUS distance in about two well timed hops. Did to some opponents of mine in unranked and they messaged me about why the hell Double was so fast and I couldn’t help but laugh. I even was able to do a sort of wavedash with her in order to set up grabs by teleporting through them and go into a nice combo. Nothing fancy but enough to bring a full character to half life on a two man team. Thanks Faust, the information is greatly appreciated. Gotta work on more bnb combos for Double, just picked her up a few days ago and despite how heavy she feels so far she’s working out pretty good.


Actually, I think this may work with all characters. Characters with a double jump really benefit from it though. I’ll test it out to make sure, but I know that it works with Valentine and Double. I was going to make a video for it when I figured it out a week or two ago, but I thought it was already widely known. >.>


Generally yes it was known that a character could run and jump, but specifically for Double I guess it seemed impossible for her due to the nature of her dash. At least nobody said anything about it as far as Double was concerned.


I am a witness so I can confirm that this works as I set my macros to my L2 button with lp and mp for better dashes as doing it manually on the d-pad is a pain, it will take practice and getting used to. But I can attest that it absolutely works, and makes doing my IAD’s with Valentine much easier and smoother, though I didn’t set it to L1 as I use that for my assist as I only use two man teams only and suits my playstyle.


yeah it definitely works. protip:

hold up instead of tapping up makes it much more consistent… like easily 100% consistent.

also i dont think double can do it from backdash, and forward dash into jumpback is a regular jump instead of a hop back :frowning:

canceling into superjump is rough though, dont know if its possible though i assume so.



You can cancel into a superjump by hitting down, then 2 punches to dash, then up with the same timing to do a normal dashjump. You can also hit down + 2 punches then up and it’ll come out.

Since she can double jump anyway and her superjump height isn’t much difference i don’t see much use for dash superjump, but you can do it.


I had a post about this in the general forum. Canceling her dash into a jumping aerial is her best approach. J. Mp is good to cross up, and J. HP is better for damage. Using this technique makes Double a much, much better character.


Anyone else have ideas for approach? i seem to be just spamming double or super jump with J.HP hoping for a random hit to confirm other than that dashing to the opponents other side for potential mixup but im lost D:


Jump cancelling her dash into an aerial is her best offensive approach. From a distance you can shoot your gun, and sometimes your HK hornet bomber can go over their projectiles. One thing I like to do is throw out her fierce punch and call an assist to cover the long recovery time from it. This makes a high damage move much less vulnerable.

I suggest mixing up her movement speed between dash teleports, dash cancel aerials, and her regular move speed to keep them uncomfortable and let you exploit their mistakes.