Double Hayate on Ken in the corner

You may have heard of Kuroda’s DVDs, where he plays games with every character. On one disc, he plays Makoto. I was watching a few of his games at my friend’s place, and was shocked when Kuroda hit Ken with an EX-Hayate followed by another (kara-?)Hayate in the corner. :wow: This happened after the usual karakusa -> hp xx EX-Hayate combo.

Has anyone seen this happen before, or know how it’s done? I’d always thought it wasn’t possible to hit Ken with two Hayates in the corner.

My best guess is that Kuroda kara’d the 2nd Hayate with standing mk, because later in the match he hit Ken with an EX-Hayate followed by an mk in the corner (which missed), so I’m thinking the mk was a mistake and he was trying to do another kara-Hayate.

ehh you can cr rh kara jab hayate twelve post ex hayate…

Although I thought I tested it against the shoto’s and it didn’t work (assuming it works as you said then maybe my execution was off… I will test again)

oh shoot this is ground breaking information!

must test it out though!

O.o wierd … interesting. gotta figure this out, lol. I wait pessimistically till i see it.

nah, you can reset shotos in corner with, so it’s not a kara. this is interesting though…

Really? I thought that only worked for juggling the corpse. Damn, what rock have I been living under… <_<

i think it’s better make the reset with f. lk 'cause U can do a to trick shotos with the Lk Kara [not only Kara-Kara]…

P.S: Hi, to everybody again. I was missing for long time. :wink:

i like resetting witht he s.foward it does more stun with the spacing as the twards+ short

i like letting them fall because i always miss the timing

quadruple-tap that shit

just hit than fake a kara and block as ken’s just going to shoryuken anyway :rofl:

oh shoot TOO strong

i did this to akuma once and I used the chun timing.

Ya you can do it to akuma without anything special but you can’t do it normally to ken. Ken’s gay like that.

Actually it does work if you kara the second (LP) Hayate with st MK, but the timing is pretty tight. I tested it on PS2 against both Ken and Ryu and it worked.

Nice, Practice that stuff now.

yea that shit is hard… i can only get it like 10 percent
i cant even tell if im doing the kara when i hit it or not

can anyone post a vid of this ?? io wanna see it in action.

What are these vids called? Are they on sale?

sorry i dont got vid cap capability
combined w/ the fact that i still cant do it consistently


I tryed this shit in Sunday and i did not able to get the double Hayate on Ryo or Ken… Y_Y