Double Impact: Marvel Vs Capcom Dual Combos

To all,

       CSVagrant and I have released a tribute combo video dedicated to dual combos in Marvel Vs Capcom. Please see below for details and the direct web link. Please share your thoughts on the video with us, thanks. -BTS

Direct Link / Official website link:

Video Title:
Double Impact

Video description:
CSVagrant and Blazt The Speakerz team up to present “Double Impact”. One of the first videos ever created to concentrate extensively on dual combos in Marvel Vs Capcom. Together, they create a video filled with mind boggling, entertaining and creative display of double character combos.

CSVagrant (CSVgt, CSV)
Blazt The Speakerz (BTS, BTS Returns, B)

Released date:
June 2008

Direct Website Link:

Music Credits:
Axel Coon - Lamenting City
DJ Vyk - When you look into the mirror
Immediate Music - With Great Power
Scooter - Mesmerized

pretty cool video.

10/10 :tup:

Great vid, sick combos!!:rock:

and LOL @ 02:14!!! :looney::rofl:

that zangief/mech zangief combo was nasty! Seems like the combos were choreographed to the music. Good job

Are these combos done on the Dreamcast version? Or are these combos possible on a arcade cabinet?

Thanks everyone for the feedback. :tup:

All of the combos in this video were done using an arcade emulator. -B

Exactly what I was thinking. nice job guys!:tup:

good video

Very nice. Cool concept too.

I was kind of confused about why we needed to see Strider and Hulk’s portrait at the middle. I mean, sure their combo was next, but it wasn’t very different from the other combo’s in there and it also wasn’t a string of different combo’s for them.

It would be cool to see you guys do another one, maybe even mix in assists.

Anyway, great vid! Thanks for posting!

Edit: Btw, I don’t even wanna know how much swearing was involved in making this vid, when one of you fucked up…

Holy shit. The CapCom/Gambit combo was fucking disgusting!


Thanks again to everyone for the comments and support. :rock:

You’re right. I honestly needed to fill in the blank and not just have the pretty green background for duration of that segment in the video. We honestly did not have any combo small enough to fit that part or any better ideas at the time.

On a final note, that combo with Strider and Hulk was sort of a last addition and I suppose that’s probablly why it came out that way. It was actually the last combo we made for this video.

We are considering making another one seeing that most of the public liked our video. :china:

Once again, thanks to all. -BTS


Seems like the favorite dual combo is the gief and mech gief. What was your favorite dual combo?

i loved the gambit/capcom one. this video was dope

Yeah the Gambit Capcom one was really nice.

Both characters on the same team are controlled by one controller right? Half of the challenge to these types combos is making sure the characters don’t get in each other’s way. That’s why HK is the most common button for characters who can chain out of everything else.

It takes a ton of planning to make something like this work. That’s where emulator features like save states come in handy, so you don’t have to start from the beginning every time you want to test a different finishing sequence.

That was a great vid! I loved the Zangief combo best.

Yep you are correct, both characters are controlled by one controller. It wasn’t easy to get it all in one shot. Yes, a lot of planning and saved states with different variations were used to determine how to perform the combos. In the end, we feel that it turned out just as we wanted.

Just an FYI, we are starting to work on a possible second video. Thanks again everyone. -BTS

Yeah one controller. No clue how you do it, but it is amazing.

I could be wrong, and call me crazy, but im PRETTY SURE, way back when MvC was played online with kaillera on mame, 4 player mode…

I could of swore…that when you went into Duo Team Attack, each player was in control of their character for that duration of time. i know the dreamcast does this. im pretty sure mame online did this at one point.

I’ve heard you talk about it in the past when we played online together but I was never able to achieve or experience that in game play. Did it ever work for you?

Yeah, in both duos and in “dual” modes it is one player controlling both characters from what I experienced. -BTS


How is the Ice-Machine!?

Awesome video, I don’t even play that game and was blown away. Those dual War Machine combos were sick.