Double Jump Combo



i’m a scrub


When I do the Strider double jump combo, if i remember correctly is,

c.hp, sj. lp, lk, lp, lk, (pause) lk, re-jump lp, lk, lp, lk, AC Finisher.

The timing is to do the first magic series as fast as possible, as soon as you launch, hit them right after you jump, and tap the buttons as fast as you can. Then, pause for a split second, hit lk, and jump + lp, then start magic series again and finisher. On the rejump, make sure to hit jump and lp at the same time.

Hope this helps…:wtf:


When you rejump, can you do the up button auto super jump, or do you have to manually superjump, or just regular jump?


The combo is done after a lauch, so you just double jump.

Related to that ? tho, you can’t just hold up to jump again, you have to press it again

And you can also do launch and depending on the char start the jab at:

Cable-size opps: the neck level of the opp. Storm-size: the torso
Sent-size: i forget, but probably around the head

do the normal 1234 at a moderate (and evenly spaced) pace, Then quickly (no pause like the other combo) doublejump 1234 finish. Jump and jab at the same time here too.

The benefit to this alternative is that if timed correctly, you’ll switch sides on the opp, so if you screwed up the timing, you’ll get a cross-up which’ll probably hit anyway (still works if you don’t switch tho). I used to have trouble with the +lk version so I used this one :rolleyes:

Oh and if I remember right, a ghetto version is launch, mash lk/mk for 4 (or was it 5?) hits then rejump