Double K.O!!!

[media=youtube]bqGsZzwPD94[/media] :tup:

Oh snap.
They fell over like freggin logs!

First time I’ve seen a real live Double K.O.

can barely see the guy on the left make contact with the guy on the right.

rofl at the ppl on yt saying its fake

A lot of people whom I’ve shown this to said that, but if you pause it you can see just one contact frame.

This event was in my city. I’ve never seen such a sloppy fight produce such an awesome result. Notice how the bald guy throws the push kick and he bounces off the other guy.

ha didnt notice that ^ thats great

i seriously wish they had some film of the wake up scene. if i had to be ko’d itd be great for it to be done that way


I should have clarified so you understand. I meant the one with the long hair.