Double Matchup Discussion



Yep. I’m getting this going too.


I really dislike Solo Double vs Parasoul and Solo Double versus Valentine. nothing is too problematic for me at this point.

I haven’t fought a decent Cerebella yet so I don’t know how to call that one, but those two? Hate em. Painwheel is a notable third.

Off topic: slight case of deja vu


Without an assist Double struggles with the whole cast it feels like. That’s why I got Parasoul in the back for that flashkick and really safe DHCs when I need to get her out.

What I find most annoying with her is a competent zoning team as my DP assist won’t help me as much. What I usually do then is just get in close once, call my assist and try to cross them up with the dash. That way I usually get their Peacock/Parasoul flying towards me and I can get a combo before the OTG even sets in from the flashkick assist.

What I feel like I’m missing the most is just a lot of matchup experience in general.


I don’t really feel like Double needs a dp assist, thanks to hornet bomber. Much more helpful is a lockdown or command throw assist. What she really lives off is meter. Double with meter shuts down zoning and has much scarier rush and chip. Thus, I think she really shines as a second; you build meter with the point, then get Double in for high damage mixups.


Double whiffs over cr. headless fortune. Unless she is getting hit at the time.

#6 also whiffs over a cr. Felia, I learned this the hardway. =[
I think both hits whiff. But I know for sure that the second kick whiffs.

I have a hard time dealing with Parasoul’s napalm shots used in repeatedly with a solo Double. What can I do to close the gap between her and I.


A well timed and spaced Hornet Bomb goes right through it and hits her. Not sure if lag was involved or anything like that, but I’ve openly read and punished Napalm Tears like that a few times.


Yeah, I knew about the hornet bomb. I was wondering if there was anything else I could do while I have no meter?
Should I use L, M, or Heavy Hornet Bombs (depending on distance between us)?


Any time I’ve been dealing with tears it’s been at mid range, which is where the M Bomb would really work. You also have the option to dash through them but you’ll want to try and practice that if you can. Get a sparring buddy or something to spam it at you until you can move through it safely.

You can also use Double’s Gun Shot to stop the tear early or to interrupt it altogether if you can get one out fast enough. The nice thing about the gun is that it’s Parasoul’s, and Parasoul is obviously tall enough to eat an L Bullet if she’s spamming.


Ah, I see. Thanks for the information. I’ll definitely be putting these things into practice.

Any suggestions on dealing with Ms. Fortune?


Honestly no. I haven’t been able to really play or experiment in a couple of days (been working) and the videos I did put out were:

  1. Rushed because I wanted it out before I had to work.
  2. Short and based on a pre-existing concept.

So for now I don’t have much. The few matches I had I found that I couldn’t beat her air normals for some reason, but I also find that Painwheel/Filia/Fortune players love to airdash and attack and that Hornet Bombs beat them clean and tend to make them slow down a little. I might have more solid options later though.


How can double get around Parasoul’s napalm toss? It seems like you’re either forced to stay in place or get hit by the floating napalm.


shoot it, dash through it, hornent bomber through it. Car through it(Very risky)


Throwing out Hornet Bombs on their jump ins makes you opponent respect your anti air capabilities. Just don’t get to spam happy or they might bait it for an easy combo.


Anyone know a solid AA against painwheel flying? I’ve tried timing the Heavy Luger shot, but they usually can just dodge it. Any consistent ones? seems to work well but following that up i dont know? any tips?


Dude… J. Hp owns painwheel for absolutely free. It’s one of the things that makes the matchup awful for her. She can’t beat it with any of her jumping attacks and she can’t even armor through it consistently at all. The only real way She has around it is to empty jump with AA assist or to air super it…

Seriously, just spam it.

And if you have an anti air assist, you can just ground dash towards her then call the assist… She won’t be able to avoid it if double stays on the ground, cause pw can only get higher in the air if the point character she’s playing against is also in the air… Otherwise she has a height restriction on her flight.



double has no bad matchups besides cerebella.