Double Perfect: Does this count?

I bet my friend $10 that I could double perfect him in 3S…

well, this is what happened:

round 1: i get perfect
round 2: i get chipped ONCE

About to give him money

round 3: I get perfect…

apparently, his brother or somebody left it on best of 5 instead of best of 3, now we’re debating if i actually double perfected him.

Technically you did.

It’s his fault for leaving it on best of five, nobody owes anybody imo.

The bet shouldn’t count that’s what. It’s a legal do over okay.

already collected my $10
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm , thats a tough one. In soccer\fotball , a hat-trick is 3 consecutive goals within on half\inning . So if you score 2 , then a team-mate scores one , then you again in the same half , its called a hatrick , but not a “true” hatrick.

So you could argue that it is in fact a double perfect , just not a “true” double perfect.
However , you did not state that the rules were double perfect - in a row right? Then its your money.

Then again , thats a stupid bet , if anyone ( say old daigo or RX or something ) made that bet with me , getting in a jab or chip hit is extremely easy if thats what you aim for. But for doing what you did , id say its your money.

Kinda OT: I always thought that it would be cool if you could take chip damage and still score a perfect. So if someone wants to break that perfect they have to score a hit.

Similarly, I think it’s stupid that games that let you heal give you a perfect if you take hits but heal back to full.


On-topic: I think it counts as a double-perfect.

thats a double

you perfected him 2 times, thats double. even if u kept playing and lost games 4 and 5 you still doubled perfected him

You got 2 perfects. The end.