Double QCB on Pad

Hi guys! I’m still waiting for my Mad Catz TE2 to arrive, so in the meantime I’m playing on pad. I can do most directional inputs alright but I have a lot of trouble doing double QCBs (assuming you’re facing right). Double QCFs are no problem at all, I can get them out pretty fast. But in the other direction I’m just so slow! It has to do with the way the thumb naturally sits on the d-pad. For QCFs you can just use the front part of your thumb but for QCBs you have to do a sideways motion with the whole thumb which I just can’t do fast enough.
So what should I do? Is there a better way to hold the d-pad to make this easier? How do pro pad players do this?

people are naturally weaker on one side than the other

what you do is go into training mode, turn on input display, see where your mistake is, and practice

It’s not that I have mistakes in my inputs. I’m just way too slow. I feel like with the way I’m holding the pad I physically can’t move my thumb any faster. I can do it fast enough with the analog stick but getting there with my thumb just takes way too long.

Well, I guess I just have to wait until my stick arrives…

I also have problems with this movement so you’re not alone. There is something awkward about returning to down after doing the first QCB. It’s about practice I guess, and having a pad that you’re comfortable with.

Chances are if you’re struggling with inputs on pad you’re going to struggle with stick. It has nothing to do with your equipment, you are the problem. Your fundamentals are poor and that’s really all there is to it.

you’re dumb.

if you found doing this easy in sf4 but harder in sf5 then you’re not alone. i believe they have made the input for super stricter in this game so to avoid accidental supers.

agree with that, Wikum. they have for sure made the inputs more strict.
however, I’ve noticed (every once and a while) I will mistakingly input an accidental super motion when going for DP – but this is probably due to bad habits from playing so much SFIV.

as for the answer OP is seeking: practice makes perfect.
personally I use an arcade stick, it feels more natural performing movement execution.

Some people are better using their thumbs for inputs rather than a hand grip, and vice versa. It’s all a matter of personal preference and whatever you are most confident in doing! :slight_smile: