Double QCF Problems

Hey guys, I’m getting back into street fighter and I just got a tournament edition stick after playing with a 360 controller. I’m having a horrible time getting Chun’s U2 to activate consistently, something about the double QCF is hell for me. Any tips on how to hold the stick/getting this move to come out?

What I found works best for me is for specifically DQCF moves to pinch your thumb and pointer finger, not at the tip but the first joint and roll the joystick off the tip and and catch it quickly with the index to bring it back down and repeat. It’s easier with larger than normal hands but it’s pretty effective. I’m sure with smaller hands you can use the same rhetoric with the inner web at the base of your thumb and where your index finger starts to pull off the move. It’s just a rolling motion twice, so you gotta find your own feel for it.

You may be “catching the corners” on the square gate your stick moves in. If you catch downforward and never make it to forward, you won’t get the move. Some advice that might help is to, on the 2nd QCF motion, roll past forward to Upforward and hit all three punches.

As always, practice it in training from both sides until you find something that works for you.

Ride the gate and input :d::df::d::df::r:? It’s dirty, but it works.

Don’t ride the gate.

But that will mess you up if you play SF3:3S where the shortcut for 2xQCF looks like this:

When it comes to setting up Chun’s U2, you can take your time and buffer the 2xQCF during the EX Legs, before you land after the air 2xHP TC, etc., and you’ll only have to worry about properly timing the PPP input.

If you’re using an octagonal restrictor plate, then riding the gate will assist you in performing the move. However, the universal gate is square, and riding it won’t always execute properly. My advice is learn the motion properly in training mode. Its just :qcf::qcf:, really not hard

Surprised this hasn’t been mentioned but just go into training mode and turn on input display and try to do the ultra motion. Look at the input display to see where you are making the mistake. Try to go as slowly as possibly to train yourself on the motion you can actually input it quite slowly and still get the ultra but its more important to get the input as clean as possible.

Of course riding the gate will slow down your inputs which is bad, but you can improve speed after you get down consistency. Ride the gate until you get the motion down, then try to limit your motions.

If you can do the motions during the frames of the attacks before the ultra, you can do two full 360s meeting the edge of the gauge completely (as fast as you can) and itll input the DQCF you need for ultra

I know this is gay but I just practice moving my wrist back in forth when i dont have a stick and I’m bored in class. Think and visualize about the motion i want to make. I also do something like a wine glass technique. Just concentrate and like others had said, if you have a square gate dont ride it.

get a joystick or practice alot.