Double Quarter Circles to the Right

So I just switched from pad to stick. The transition was and still is painstaking, but even this early on it seems my game in the long run will benefit.

That being said, i cannot for the life of me figure out how to do Ultras with 2 quarter circles going to the right consistantly. If i’m on the right side for instance, i can do Shin-sho on command at any moment. If i’m on the left, i have to slow my movements way down to nail it which makes reaction time greatly suffer, and even then it does not come out nearly as often as on the right side.

I can do HK.Tatsu > FADC > U1 with relative eaze on the right, but it rarley comes out on the left.

Does anyone who plays stick have any pointers at all for me that would help get me to the place where i can do double quater circles to the right easier? Ty in advance.

Practice, alot, set your self up in training mode, do everything in that direction, start slow and work up the speed, have inputs turned on to see if you are doing something wrong.

After a week you’ll be fine.

Ok i shall take your advice. It just feels like i’m never gonna get the feel for it.

I’m holding the stick the following way:

pinkie/ring finger is curled under
middle finger and thumb are grasping the stick
index finger is on the top of the ball

Now, when i do the circles to the left i naturally use my index for the down motion and my thumb for the left and up motions. Can do it really quick.

Now to the right i use my index the same way, but i use my middle finger for the right and up motions. Anything inherently wrong with that or should i just keep practicing in the same way?

I grasp the stick the same way.

When you throw fireballs, do you let the stick go back to neutral before throwing another? That’s my preferred way of getting the double quarter circle inputs to come out cleanly.

Yes. I normally do the motion of down forward neutral then down forward all 3 punches. I think one of the main issues i’m having is the issue of having to “push” instead of “pull.” When i do quarter circles to the left, that fact that im pulling makes it easier. But the pushing when doing the circles to the right is like when your having those dreams when your running as fast as you can but still going reeeally slow. It sucks.

qcfx2 facing right was a problem for me when I started learning stick as well. Going to the left I found really easy though. I think the key to mastering it to the right is to not ride the gate as you would facing to the left, hope that helps.

I was have sleep one night and found out you can do ride the squaregate by… hold db and running forward to back then forward to up forward. It works! I now it sounds funny but try it. That’s what I 've been doing on the left side while I’m practicing the other methods.

Excuse my ignorance, but what does “ride the gate” mean? Does it mean not going to neutral?

riding the gate is when you have your stick pressed against the outer edges/corners. Try and be closer to the neutral position rather than using the square gate to guide your hand, try and keep a little distance from the edge and see how that works.

Hold the stick in between pinky finger and ring finger… This way u will have unobstructed input… U know previously i have problem shoryuken FADC Ultra 1 for Ryu, by changing this way u will have faster input and unobstructed…

Try it, u need a bit of time to get used to it… I am using stick all the while, i cant play SF with pad… LOL…
i have problem in command input previously, as i notice my hand actually obstructing the movement. By changing to this way of holding, it benefits me in the long run…
We need to react fast in matches, u cant let the stick to hold u back…

Btw, Daigo and Tokido holding the sticks this way…

By holding stick between ring finger and little finger, the ultra 1 input is d,df,f,d,df,f…
Instead of traditional way of b,db,d,df,f x 2…

Now I have problem of imputing ultra too fast, resulting no full animation and less damage

So i saw this video on you tube last night, and it explained something that i actually already knew but did not capitalize on.

When doing the ultra motions, the first quarter circle can be inputed as :d: :df:. You do not have to press :r: on the first QC. Now on the second QC, you must input the whole :qcf: motion before all three buttons are pressed. This shortcut has enabled me to do the ultra while facing right with more precision than when facing left. I have been doing > HK.Tatsu > U1 while facing right all day today and have not missed it once. And literaly yesterday i was missing it 80% of the time.

The key here IS to actually ride the gate, and after the :r: :r: motion for the dash, continue right into the :d: :df: :qcf: :3p:. The key here is to purposely ride the lower part of the gate all the way to the end (:df:) then while still riding the gate, go back to :d: then the true QC (:qcf:). I’m telling you, my issues with 2QC’s while facing right are over.

Thank you all for you’re help!


give it about two weeks. i couldnt throw fireballs on 1p side at first. But give it maybe 2-3weeks and itll all start to come together. Almost like its kinda by itself. But a good way to practice is to throw 50 hados on the left, then switch to the right. do the same with demon flips(as they are a shoryu motion just with kicks). Then after you feel comfortable do crouching fierce hado fadc…repeat. I mean, i didnt do this constantly, most of my stick practice came from actual matches. But dont be afraid to hit training mode every once and a while. Sometimes its just muscle memory that will cause you to mess up on a certain side. Thats what the training room is for. If you repeatedly do something, your hands just start to kinda remember the motions themselves and it becomes alot easier and even second nature. Basically, just stay on stick, i assure you (as someone who has recently been there) that learning stick isnt hard at all, and anyone can do it. But you have to WANT to and be most of all patient with it. Especially when you lose because you missed a key opportunity that you would have hit on pad.