Double RJ in corner



I’m kinda confused exactly how to do this, or when to do this, I know there is spacing involved and timing and which strength to use but could some give me a flat explanation for me, thanks.


In my experience you can primarily do this when you combo into something that pushes your character far enough back that you only get 1 hit on the first lk.rj. For example, c.jab, seems to push you far enough back (depending on the hit box of the opponent). Obviously there is not 1 single scenario where you are able to do this, but a good rule of thumb I like to use is to identify whether or not the opponent was hit only once by the rising jaguar, jaguar kick, etc. still leaving them in juggle state (or leaving you with enough timing).

To add to the confusion a little bit more, in training mode, set your opponent to jump and do an anti-air ex jaguar kick. If the ex-jaguar kick hits once, you can do standing far hk, but if the ex-jaguar kick hits twice the standing hk will not work (not in juggle state), but a light rising jaguar will hit (same reason Ken can anti-air double shoryu). It’s really dependent on timing , you just have to feel out the different situations.


Well thanks man


Basically you need a 1 hit LK jaguar kick that hits far enough. Just getting the 1 hit isn’t enough, it needs to be the tip.

Also, it’s chatacter specific. On some chars the spacing is more strict, on others (bigs) it’s impossible.


Well I guess it’s not the most reliable thing to do then unless you know the matchup


Well on ryu and the likes, pretty much sets it up guaranteed I think.


It’s not impossible on any character.


If i was in that situation instead of doing another RJ i would rather do s.HK then dash under em for the mix up then do RJ.


True. Just make sure they’re in the corner. Everytime I stun an opponent I go for the cool kids combo in the corner.

The cool kids combo= nj. mk xx air lk.jk, xx lk.rj, lk.rj. Works on all characters, but is a bit harder on the shorter characters.


that doesn’t work. we’re not talking about fadc, just linking 2 rising jaguars


I didnt mention using fadc. I do see where your coming from though was just giving my input :slight_smile:


You can’t dash if you do fadc the hk that doesnt work so I dont think he would be talking about fadcing