Double shoryuken?

i was wondering how to do the double light punch shoryuken. Ive tried doing it one after another as fast as possible but doesnt seem to work like that. Is there a trick to it cuz ive seen done many times in videos


free in the corner vs certain characters others you have to kara

double srk midscreen is also a vs character situation but mostly those are kara’s as well.

you kara the SRK with either RH or foward.

could someone briefly explain kara

Why don’t you use the search function? It’s not that hard… and it’ll save you a lot of grief from many SRKers.

Send me a Friend Request and I’ll show you how to do it online. Do u use your mic cause I do and if u want me to show u then your going to have to use your mic.

is your gamertag civicman?