Double sided suction mounts

couldnt find any posts about suction mounts, so i figured i’d add my two cents.

if anyone out there is looking for a way to mount there stick to a table top for instance, but take the mounts wherever you go, i recently purchased these…

they are basically double sided suction cups. i bought them primarily for my hori sticks (my hori wii FS tends to move around a bit when i use it because its not that heavy.)

one on each corner, and these mounts work nicely - both for the hori sticks and the SF4 TE fightstick (you need to take the rubber mounts off the TE stick first though)

I tried the concept of suction cups installed in a base panel once. The problem with it was that the cups were soft and basically this resulted in a controller with a soft suspension. Is there a softness to them or does it feel hard like an arcade control panel? I think most people like their controller on a secure and not soft base like me; I dunno, maybe I’m wrong about this.

yes they are soft, though with them only being one inch in diameter, there isnt alot of space in between the mount and the surface for a suspension-like effect to occur. its pretty stable - for me at least. if you’re curiosity ever piques in them again they are only $1 each on that link! :slight_smile:

I like those! My coffee table is glass so those would work great for me! Did you get yours from the site listed or did you find them somewhere else?

i got mine from the site i listed in the first post.

neat. do you need one for each corner?

It’d probably be best if you had 4 for the corners or, at the very least, 3 and make a triangle.

yup, thats what i use, 4 total.