Double Tap and Plink question


I’m learning both of these techniques for SFV and I have the following questions: When plinking, is it generally considered easier to do it with your Index and Middle as apposed to Index and ring? I’m asking because index and ring have a more relaxed feeling over two buttons next to eachother(given I also have small hands) but I’m not sure if this is considered inefficient.

Double tapping might actually be harder for me. I used to just hit every button twice with one finger without thinking about it but obviously this isn’t as good as Double tapping. The general rule seems to be that you do it at the bottom of the button and drag your fingers downward. This feels awkward to me especially on the punch buttons(being right above the kicks). Right now I do more of a simultaneous roll motion with the middle and index like the way you would strike a piano key twice quickly. Do you think this will be limiting in the long run and should I just stick with it? I’m sure I’ll figure it out but opinions are welcome.


I don’t think plinking works in SFV.


Hm, if you hit two punches or kicks at the same time. The heavier seems to have ‘priority’ over the other so I think it works the same as it always did, given I haven’t played a lot of SFIV so I don’t have much to compare it to. Maybe I’m wrong. Plus, it shows up just like a plink should on the key display in practice mode.


Plinking is not necessary for SFV


Well, I’ll be darned. Thank you.


With the 2 frame input buffer, links are 3f links at minimum in SFV. Personally I think you’re more likely to screw up a link trying to plink everything than you would be just doing the link normally.


That makes a lot of sense actually. I really just need to be working on double tapping.


Just double tap at a minimum, but even then that isn’t necessary. With the 3 frame minimum buffer, it’s pretty easy to learn the timing for the link with just single presses. Plus, even if you slightly mistime the single input link, the double tap system won’t make the links not connect.


Does plinking not work in this game even if you do it right or is it unnecessary, since the tightest link is 3 frames?


I think it’s more that Plinking works but is not needed because of the large combo leniency. You can go into practice mode and hit two punches or two kicks and you’ll see that they technically do Plink. It would probably be much harder to Plink combos than to just do them normally. But I believe there are a couple of exceptions with Cammy and I think Karin, maybe? I think they have a couple 1 frame links.


The only 1 frame links in the game are links where you have to hit a normal with a large amount of hit advantage then walk forward for a frame or so, stop, then input the next move. Karin also has the just tenko moves, but you don’t need that to know her combos.


The 2-frame buffer window in the game makes it so that “true” 1-frame links aren’t a thing. You always have at least a 3-frame window to hit your stuff.

Bringing up Karin, her Just-frame Tenko is one of the few applications I can think of for plinking, since doing qcf+K~P is one of the methods for getting that out reliably.




The only one frame links are those with combos that have the character walk forward, which is basically just combo video type stuff.

Also, priority is different from plinking. Just because a button comes out over an other when plinking, doesn’t mean that the same effect, where a 1 frame link becomes a 2 frame link occurs.