Double Tap, new build for April 9th, 2016


Double Tap Engine

Latest build (04/09/2016):

Latest Footage:


Its a hard road but its worth it. I wish you good luck.

Also, are you planning to show other points of view on those screens?

Punch planet - version 0.2.1.A - G-Agent is released!

Thanks! So far it’s been a blast and I plan to keep going for quite a while.

Haha those screens were just put in to mess around with render textures, who knows if I’ll actually use them later. It does however show a slightly different viewpoint (different camera) but I should probably make it look a bit more different.


Gonna try it tomorrow after the little local “Comicon” i’m going.

Really curious about this momentum thing.


I’m going to try and break your game at every version you put out.

edit: The momentum mechanic is sorta weird. I’m sure you can infinite with [hopj.LK>j.HK>cr.MP>cr.MP>cr.MK>Fireball>‘FADC’>xN] but it feels kinda weird to do the hop from the cancel. It’s very early though, and it feels pretty good for a proof of concept at least.


Nice thanks for playing it!

I’m not sure if that’s an infinite right now. One way I’m combating the versatility of that FADC is by making the next 2 hits (changeable) after using it won’t gain new charges. I could take this a step farther and make that value increment each time it’s used in a single combo.

As for the difficulty in using the hop after the cancel, I think this is due to no leniency in the power cancel or the followup. For example if you do Fireball -> power cancel, you have to wait until the fireball actually comes out before you press the input. As opposed to inputting it a little earlier. I’ll probably implement that cause it’s a pain in the assignment sometimes when it doesn’t come out.


There seems to be a hard juggle limit, I assume similar to how SF4 does it?


It is set up the same but all moves are currently using the same value, just haven’t felt like filling them all out. Think it’s like 5 moves total.


Can’t you have it recognize XInput devices so 360 controllers and others that use XInput (Razer Atrox, DualShock 4) will work on it?

Why not just do it like 3rd Strike where there’s a hard juggle limit instead of assigning juggle potential values?


Yeah ill be able to support most devices but I haven’t set it up to work very seamlessly yet. Things like the triggers on TEs are different than the triggers on an eightarc (buttons vs analog). But with that said there are some annoyances with the way Unity sets up its inputs.

As for the hard juggle, it’s pretty much set that way as far as values go. Each move just has the same value set. I may or may not change it, but it’s low priority right now, the game isn’t so focused on juggles at the moment.


Unity? Is this built from scratch or are you running [UFE](Universal Fighting Engine for Unity 3D


Built from scratch.


Welcome the one-man indie fighter club!

You have a pretty good foundation going here!

Using an Xbox 360 controller (PowerA Fus1on) the analog stick inputs were reversed for up/down, but the d-pad seemed to work fine.

What kind of visual style do you think you’ll be shooting for?




Definitely aware of the controller issues, just haven’t put the time in to fix it yet.

Not really sure on the visual style yet. I’m really not an artist, but when I start cranking on character design I hope to hand most of that stuff over to the artist in charge. Kind of optimistic, but I honestly don’t have a huge preference about what it should look like, just needs to be clean and easy to see.


cool stuff


Well… Played around with it for a while… Gonna test some things tomorrow too.

To be honest… There are things i like and things i don’t really like. I like the overall feel of the game, and you’ve done some really good groundwork, now you can only go up. And… Well. I love the Parasoul-like Fireballs. though, i’d like to have them burst on contact with the adversary and i love how the game kinda mixes various style from different SF. Now for some criticism (take it with a grain of salt. While i’ve been a FG player for almost 3 years now, some of my ideas probably are just out of personal preference)

-My main gripe is how the Momentum based mechanics work. While i like the idea of the different mechanics and how they influence attack or defense, but i’d like them to be Meter based. I dunno, something like “[definite number of bars]” and press MP+MK for offensive power up and d.+MP+MK for the Parry. Having them meter based or something like a Burst from BlazBlue would help, in my opinion. Maybe a Combo of Burst + Meter (for Ex Moves) would be interesting.
-I don’t see the need for a fourth fireball to AA, you have the SRK to to that.
-Hops done KoF Style.
-Remove or reduce the Juggles. Maybe it was just some bug, but it’s really easy to to semi-infinites like the one explained by @OneSanitarium


Awesome man thanks for trying it out!

I do plan on having traditional meter that you gain throughout the match, but the reason I don’t want to tie the momentum abilities to is because I want them to be very powerful but not easy to stockpile. Throws are also a hard counter to both of these moves, it will remove all momentum charges, which means throws into oki is safer because they won’t have any powercancel/parry. I’m also thinking about adding a passive boost or something if you build up momentum and decide not to use it, maybe some % more meter gained.

As for the input, right now they do share the same buttons (MP + MK), but they are both used in different context so they don’t overlap. Powercancel (offensive) is only used to cancel moves that land, and the Parry (defensive) is only possible when neutral.

Yeah probably won’t need it, just something I threw in for shits.

I’ve been thinking about testing this out, maybe I’ll do it real quick.

Agreed, I don’t think I want it to be a juggle heavy game, maybe 1-2 followup moves and they get reset.


The “Not easy to stockpile” was something i tought about too, that’s why i suggested a Burst based Mechanic. It would not be “Meter Based” (Though, with the right amount of calibration, Meter Hogging can’t be performed.), but “Performance Based”. Both players start with One Icon, and only who loses gets another one. I would like them to be some sort of “last standing” possibilities for a comeback.


Alright I put up a new build with KOF-style short hops.

PC Download

  • Removed dash hop cancel from forward dash
  • Added three short hops (back, neutral, forward)
  • Increased jump startup frames from 4 to 6
  • Reduced hard juggle amount from 6 moves to 2 moves

Let me know what you think.