Double tapping motion on hitbox


i wanted to do double tapping on my hitbox.

and i wanted to know was it possible.


Any reason why it wouldn’t? Is there a controller that cant double tap or are we talking about something different?


like i don’t know if i can double tap hcb on a hitbox


You mean like configure a macro to do hcb with one button tap? If not that, then yes, if you just hit F, D, B it’ll count as a HCB motion.


@Beast_Mode1 Yes you can double tap those motions, you don’t have to slide. When I first got my Hitbox I got tired of trying to “piano” HCF and HCB so I started using the slide method. Where you slide your fingers across the three directions for the HC, but as I’ve gotten better with it, I can do piano taps on all three. It just takes time and practice. Keep playing on it and you’ll get better. The way us as human beings learn and get good at things is just with time and pressure. Just keep doing it for a while and it will click! Good luck!